Yansanmo sorry it’s just.

Elvis: Or something you’re using

Yeater: I’m using it- coworked made it and I’ve tweaked it a little

Elvis: Extending native prototypes is uh, pretty dodgy tbh.

Elvis: Also its not obvious what that would od.

Odonnell: Tscsc: This is only a solution to use for a few months. Not sure what you mean about native prototypes? It does output results- but I need them to be more specifc by defining ranges

Elvis: I mean that adds methods to every array

Elvis: Which is not really a good idea.

Nieland: Tcsc: I’m not too sure what’s meant by that. I’m entirely new to JS and this is only a temp solution. What is the risk of using methods to every array?

Mersereau: Is there a simple way to compile this JSX to JS via babel or whatever without having to recompile the entire file

Kutcher: Https://gist.github.com/derekduoba/2f8e381f56409be923a8

Elvis: The biggest are the risk of name collisions, but it also limits the standards committee. there was a popular library that added a contains method to arrays and so they had to name it includes to avoid breaking that library

Elvis: And just generally it’s really weird in this case

Elvis: You create an empty array, don’t use it at all, and call a method on it

Elvis: That does something probably but not necessarially unrelated to the array you created

Beckfield: Somebody plsss help me with this :-/ https://repl.it/BIhG

Elvis: Ycon_: what does that method do anyway

Sistrunk: Simply to feed our API/feed in my app it is cloud code in P****.com

Bator: RonRichie, power3, 0 returns 1

Squires: Yansanmo aha, get that, now it becomes power3,1 since 0 returns 1 correct?

Gradilla: Umm I presume it picks a number from the above range. Here a bit more of my code http://pastebin.com/rX0ra3hT

Vallien: Power3, 1 is 3 * power3, 0 – 3 * 1

Mcfaddin: Trying to map some imagedata to another imagedata

Cychosz: If i want to do it pixel for pixel

Nolden: It should be a simple task right?

Kikkert: Power3,2 is 3 * power3,1 – 3 * 3 * 1

Elvis: D4***it3: yes, that should be a for loop.

Difrancesco: What sould it look like

Steege: Like each int in the uint8array is a channel of a pixel

Elvis: For var i = 0; i srcImageData.data.length; ++i { dstImageDatai = srcImageDatai; }

Elvis: SrcImageData.data.length; ++i { dstImageData.datai = srcImageData.datai; }

Elvis: Yes. if you want to manipulate them as pixels you can do var pixels = new Uint32ArrayimageData.data.buffer

Elvis: And then modify that pixels variable. the changes will be visible in the imagedata.

Elvis: Keep in mind that if you do that, the pixels will be abgr

Elvis: Since x86 is little endian

Elvis: But everything is little endian these days so whatever.

Elvis: It’s just abgr. a lot of people are more used to rgba or argb so it might be a gotcha.

Broussard: Yansanmo damn it. it’s a little confusing, on third iteration when exponent becomes 0 what happens there? it substitutes 0 with 1 right? so the entire expression becomes 3 * power3 * 1 correct?

Rongstad: Whatever im doing is killing my browser

Elvis: How big are these imagedatas

Magallanez: When the exponent is 0, the answer is 1

Craigmiles: Http://pastie.org/10424794

Elvis: That’s an infinite loop

Elvis: I don’t know what you’re trying to do there either. if you really just want to copy one onto the other, it’s much easier

Elvis: You don’t have to do it by components

Votsmier: Yansanmo sorry it’s just not clear. what’s answer is one? where does that return 1 go to? sorry for too many questions, just trying to understand because this is overwhelming me in a pretty bad way :-/