Yansanmo, he quit, but wow.

Quast: Ycon_, http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/

Wesby: Yansanmo, thank you. How do I define another range ? I tried this but obviously its very wrong- http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/1/

Serrato: Ycon_, you can’t have two range in the same array

Mendelson: Your random only have two arguments

Hedding: Yansanmo, I see. How it is possible to do it then?

Solmonson: You can’t use your function, rewrite it for many range

Tolden: Yansano: Its day 1 for me in JS. How complex is re-writing the f****ion?

Bolinsky: Ycon_, complex like that http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/2/

Keenom: Ycon_, if you don’t like a switch, http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/3/

Bartamian: Ycon_, using arguments, http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/4/

Crowden: Yansanmo, thankyou. with Arguments it is real nice. I’m trying to apply it to my solution

Kracke: They are a lot of others way too

Mhoon: I’m trying to apply it to my code- I just wrote it in the HTML section btu I think the syntax is incorrect http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/5/

Davenport: You can’t paste javascript code in the HTML view of jsfiddle

Privado: I’m not trying to get it wroking- just seeing if my syntax/structure is right

Vornes: You didn’t wrote the good function name

Felicione: Hey guys, is the graphics on this video the same as the game itself? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=19&v=M_XwzBMTJaM

Aarestad: Yansanmo, is this what you meant? http://jsfiddle.net/jjz977um/6/

Nishio: Zumba_addict: yes. i’m in Boitnott, and i’m an authority on this issue

Supple: I’m really impressed by the graphics

Nishio: Oh, wait, i’m not, because this is Boitnott, not #blizzard

Rosch: I want to try playing games this year :

Bazelais: I want to balance it 😀 hehehe

Spindola: Why am I getting an error at this line? “module.exports = Tweets = React.createCl***{” ReferenceError: Tweets is not defined

Sprunk: Grill: Well. that says it. Tweet is not declared.

Beman: Perhaps you meant: var Tweets = module.exports = React.createCl***.

Luckner: Isn’t that declaring tweet?

Lyng: Hi, just need some help with the syntax of this http://pastie.org/10424865. Any tips?

Lizotte: Rcyr so, what’s wrong with it in the context of this? https://scotch.io/tutorials/build-a-real-time-twitter-stream-with-node-and-react-js

Roehrman: Grill: You might have gotten a bad tutorial

Thompsom: Rcyr did you look at the reference?

Barbarino: What is the reference?

Sholtis: Tcsc, Have I defined a function wrong here? Still not functioning- http://pastie.org/10424865

Licciardi: Module.exports = Tweets = React.createCl***{

Goad: Grill: Where do you see “var Tweets” in that code?

Milot: Var Tweets = require’./Tweets.react.js’;

Sharratt: Grill: That’s valid. the problem is the other file

Opperman: Http://codepad.org/RxAYPYfB is there anyway I can get the variable from line 72 from this plugin to on my html file?

Galkin: I want to change a text on my html file to + 100 everytime the function occurs

Backhuus: Rcyr how would this normally done with node.js?

Freeland: Grill: In JavaScript in general, you need to declare your variable with var before using them

Giang: Http://codepad.org/RxAYPYfB is there anyway I can get the variable from line 72 from this plugin to on my html file?

Kandra: Grill: Something like var Tweets = module.exports = React.createCl***.; would work. another way would be: var Tweets = React.createCl***.; module.exports = Tweets;

Vogds: Http://codepad.org/RxAYPYfB is there anyway I can get the variable from line 72 from this plugin to on my html file?

Edler: Yansanmo, he quit, but wow he helped me :