Which let you run remote.

Keitsock: AlphaAtom: yep I’m serious

Chanco: What would he not be serious about

Keitsock: Modules are fantastic

Keitsock: Separated scope, declared dependencies in a logical manner

Claybon: Oh how i had it earlier

Flautt: I guess it’s _clearer_

Tomsich: I think without the async = await . .is better though

Lovering: There’s a lot of satire that goes around npm modules, and having not a lot of experience with npm or anything I don’t know :p

Horak: But the last bit }languages . that can be unclear i agree cjohnson

Gerrero: Keitsock: SyntaxError: invalid label

Keitsock: Plus I don’t even think that works hah

Keitsock: You’d need parens around the object

Laeger: Maybe something in es7

Keitsock: Weird. babel must do funky ****

Keitsock: Anyway it looks ok. just a little confusing

Keitsock: Drop the async/await sure but personally I’d go back to the other way

Feerick: I htink return x always means x is an expression

Keitsock: Var cb = languageslanguage

Feerick: And so you can do weird stuff to an object literal there

Keitsock: Oh right it’s an expression

Keitsock: Var foo = {‘a’: ‘a’, ‘b’: ‘b’}’a’; foo

Feerick: I though just yield and stuff

Cone: It’s not awaiting anything is it?

Keitsock: What’s funny is async/await are so amazing to me I literally don’t know one other thing es7 introduces

Keitsock: They are all I care about

Gummer: Cone: what are you referring to, sorry?

Muskopf: What one library should I learn besides jquery?

Feerick: Hm. does es7 have value types yet?

Feerick: I think thats a thing

Keitsock: I didn’t know they were introducing that to ES

Kacynski: Shouldn’t there be a way to find out which messages an iframe is listening to with the inspector?

Jeff: I dont like decorators

Keitsock: I’ve been using flow though tcsc

Keitsock: It’s easy to progressively adopt

Feerick: If ES6 is anthing to go by ES7 will probably have all sorts of weird **** by the end i think

Keitsock: Yep, it guesses at safe defaults until you specify explicit types

Feerick: Not a lot of false negatives?

Keitsock: Only problem I ran into so far is I didn’t realize p****Int expected strings and so I had “any” there

Koltz: I’m still unsure of how to do this, all I really wanna do is add some javascript to a web page, but I wanna do it right :s

Feerick: Hm, yeah, my code is very well behaved for types

Feerick: V8 doesn’t even complain

Feerick: For like all but two places

Massoud: I know you can just script blah, and then write some functions and call them, but I wanna know what the correct way to do this is

Feerick: And those two places are still well behaved but its a polymorphic callsite and v8 cries.

Keitsock: AlphaAtom: https://docs.npmjs.com/files/package.json

Keitsock: Write one of these for your module, install via npm

Keitsock: Use browserify to transform that into a budnle for the web

Keitsock: AlphaAtom: https://quickleft.com/blog/creating-and-publishing-a-node-js-module/

Canevari: Folks, how do i debug our js web application showing js exception in a web browser on android?

Keitsock: And then all you have to do is require’your-module’; and that pulls in your code

Keitsock: Zumba_addict: I know there are browser pairing features, I think in chrome or in firefox?

Keitsock: Which let you run remote browser code but see the debugger on your machine