Which is pretty much what.

Treider: Hagb4rd: _onTimeout, _idleNext, _idlePrev, _idleStart, _idleTimeout, _repeat

Montesano: Buu: function reference?

Nasalroad: Giraffe_, your error message talk about undefined, not null

Mellendorf: Yeah, but im using ‘undefined’ so im not sure what you mean

Gutierre: Its getting past the race !== ‘null’

Linzie: HowardwLo: function; executes the function named function. function; a reference to a function named function

Nasalroad: Giraffe_, you are not doing race !== ‘null’

Nasalroad: Giraffe_, you wrote iftypeof race !== ‘null’ {

Rosales: Yeah, because thats what find_in_array returns

Nasalroad: Giraffe_, race is not what find_in_array returns, that’s id

Volner: Buu: how do i p*** args via reference?

Linzie: HowardwLo: function{otherfunctionarguments}

Dulaney: They are always p***sed via reference but natives

Malvin: That is everything that is a object

Wakley: HowardwLo: JavaScript has call-by-value semantics in which references to objects are considered to be a type of value. Direct ***ignment to an argument will never be visible outside of a function. For a detailed explanation, see: http://www.jon-carlos.com/2013/is-javascript-call-by-value-or-call-by-reference/

Fuhs: Buu: is that different from creating a function?

Macrae: Regardless Nasalroad, I still get te same error

Nasalroad: What did you write now?

Marte: Ifrace !== ‘undefined’

Buchheit: Hagb4rd: p***-by-reference basically means you can call a function and have it modify the variable/property you’re denoting in the arguments.

Sokotowski: Console.lograce returned undefined

Nasalroad: Giraffe_, race is not ‘undefined’

Lace: Reddekopp: i find it ridiculous to say “its reference is p***ed by value” while that is what everyone calls p***ing by reference

Mckosky: Var a = b; fooa; a === b;

Nasalroad: Giraffe_, please learn your type

Linzie: HowardwLo: this is complicated

Krahe: Hagb4rd: you might find it ridiculous, but it’s a precise description of the semantics JS has.

Peckham: Hagb4rd: other languages eg, C++ have actual p***-by-reference semantics, so the above expression can be false.

Payan: Buu: but i need it to call my function next

Nasalroad: Giraffe_, you can do race === undefined or typeof race === ‘undefined’ race is undefined, typeof returns a string ‘undefined’

Sullinger: Yeah figured it out, thanks

Storozuk: Hi! When using “fetch” how do I get the headers and the JSON in a same function?

Samantha: I mean, response.json.thenjson = // there is no headers here.

Kiebler: Hagb4rd: if you’ve never used a language with p*** by reference, that’s understandable, but there’s a big distinction

Nasalroad: Fetch’bla’.thenfunctionresponse { return response.json.thenfunctionjson { /* use response.headers */ } }

Gillyard: PHP also has p***-by-reference as a special syntax in function definitions.

Mumaugh: I’ve only had it in c++

Khanna: Http://php.net/manual/en/language.references.p***.php

Alkire: Foobar; // Produces fatal error as of PHP 5.0.5, strict standards notice as of PHP 5.1.1, and notice as of PHP 7.0.0

Chocron: Reddekopp: at this point I wonder what PHP does not have D:

Vanschoor: Consistency, perhaps. But that isn’t a programming feature

Tomasso: That is if you want to p*** sth by refeference which is else p***ed by value.

Sagers: Objects are p***ed by reference by default

Tourigny: Hagb4rd: I suspect you haven’t looked into the meanings of the terms in the last few minutes.

Owenby: Which is pretty much what js does as well.