Which I desperately wanted.

Leverson: Kerbel, seems to work with any thenable http://bit.ly/1NgCqYM

Meneus: Kerbel: it would be the same thing as if you wrapped your entire program in one giant async block. execution would stop every time you hit “await”

Meneus: IE the reason async works to “unwrap” promises is that the generator “state machine” leaves the function and doesn’t resume executing it until the awaited thing is done

Meneus: Kerbel: to be clear, that comment was in response to “why not just have a global sync?”

Meneus: And that’s the reason – it would effectively make all your IO synchronous globally, rather than just in the context of a single function

Meneus: Kerbel: does that clarify it?

Meneus: Yeah, no async generators yet until ES7 observables are implemented in babel

Leverson: Kerbel, it does something like that, http://dpaste.com/3AK7H4B

Meneus: Leverson: return run but nicely jotted ;-

Leverson: Meneus, ah, yes, I wrote it in Coffee, heh

Leverson: Http://dpaste.com/0W7468T

Leverson: The thing is .then and .resolve can be from other monads too

Meneus: It’s pretty much anything halfway compliant to the promise interface

Meneus: The one difference is that I THINK the promise returned from the async block is whatever is returned from the async function, not the last yield

Leverson: Yeah, which is why I think the name async/await may be not ideal

Leverson: Do/draw is more generic

Leverson: Or something along those lines

Meneus: At least it makes it clear that it AWAITS the value

Meneus: Which is a very good description of what’s going on

Leverson: Yeah, but it doesn’t have to await anything, in the example I posted I just made a synchronous then function and it worked

Meneus: Well, the awaiting is done by the yield

Meneus: Well the yield and the .next call

Meneus: It’s “let’s stop executing this function and don’t start again until we have that value”

Leverson: I guess that’s one way of reasoning about it

Zarilla: I personally welcome our yielding overlords

Gorzynski: Http://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2015/09/08/announcing-vp9-support-coming-to-microsoft-edge/ -Just wow

Trine: Now the only browser without VP9 supports remains Safari

Bohac: Does Safari have yet any support for ES6?

Zarilla: Https://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/

Meneus: That’s in Konopacki now btw ;- I put it in the other day

Konopacki: Meneus: ES6 compatibility table: https://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es6/

Montz: Leverson, seems really the case

Melzer: Hannibal_Smith: is IE getting it, though?

Oestreicher: J201, I don’t think but does it matter?

Lah: Edge is windows 10 only IIRC, so IE’s a long way from dying

Surdam: Does anyone know what this error means: Bad isotope element.

Dawes: I think that this news is interesting related to things like WebRTC

Leverson: MS, where every new browsers requires a new OS

Meneus: I believe IE is stilil actually one of the most feature-forward browsers out there

Meneus: Though the Edge split may have changed that

Pree: As it will give to the standard an opportunity to standarize only VP9 as the “next codec”

Danni: Yeah, IE was _this_ close to getting users to update in a reasonable time frame

Zarilla: I just installed windows 10 on the other half of my partition and I have to say, it doesn’t completely ****. you do have to make sure you say NO SNOOPIN ALLOWED to every question during setup

Zarilla: But I still use chrome on it _

Meneus: And then you can’t use Cortana

Meneus: Which I desperately wanted to be able to use because it’s so close to being Star Trek “COMPUTER, give me blah blah blah”