Whenever I check a checkbox.

Tumulty: SargoDarya: that’s entirely up to your data structure.

Osofsky: Storing state in the url can be problematic if you have a lot of data

Tumulty: SargoDarya: and “smallest” isn’t what’s important – it’s best to have URLs be readable and human-modifiable.

Moreshead: Tumulty: In this case you have lots of options and readability doesn’t matter

Streight: I’ve hit url length limits before.

Tumulty: SargoDarya: i’ve never seen a case where readability doesn’t actually matter.

Walken: Should be a hash of selections on the page for sharing with friends.

Bulger: Which we don’t want to store anywhere

Schulenberg: Why we don’t want to store it or why it doesn’t need to be readable?

Kaps: It doesn’t make sense for us to store it as it should be really only a single static web application.

Bristow: Everything is done on the client.

Warrilow: Lets say you have 50 options, those need to be stored in the URL. In that case it might make sense to store those via chars so 50 options could be easily displayed as example eBaXnoq

Evinger: Why is a fully clientside website not a good idea

Demallie: Code Review Q: Does this API look good? a wrapper for Git CLI https://github.com/koistya/git-repository

Cozby: Is there an on-line version of a babel checker, like jshint for ‘old’ JS ?

Beneuento: Tarkus: where does one see the API spec?

Baldrey: Kamuela_iOS, for now, it’s only the README.md / Getting Started section. it’s an early preview

Leclair: Tarkus: seems like a good convention to mirror git cli commands with camel case. And any extra flags should always be able to be p***ed as arguments as an interface level option

Riise: Javascript, stupid. right?

Ceballos: I’m trying to figure out how this code loads the DOM: https://github.com/sliptree/bootstrap-tokenfield/blob/master/js/bootstrap-tokenfield.js

Gianotti: I think it might be here: https://github.com/sliptree/bootstrap-tokenfield/blob/master/js/bootstrap-tokenfield.js#L234-L245

Vanover: But i don’t understand how those values get into $_Post

Lightsey: The word post isn’t in that code base

Obrist: Seriously what is wrong with this if statement? ReferenceError: Invalid left-hand side in ***ignment

Biasotti: If data.identifier = “pcsc” && data.message.type = “card” {

Kindt: Bent0: if you want to compare you have to use ===, = is for ***ignment.

Amar: That works heh. cheers

Tumulty: Prohobo: it’s super brittle, harder to test, etc.

Gleeson: I have a parameter that I want to p*** to a function that is in a foreach. How to? I know it already gets element,index,array, but I want to also p*** myParameter that is the same for every element/index

Splatt: Stelt: post up a code snippet

Sanzotta: What does do in “kb: 1 10” ?

Mcclenty: Stelt_: just p*** myParameter after array

Mcquaid: Or use a closure that takes myParameter as a local variable

Detaeye: Kamuela_iOS, of course, put 1 function inside the other, thanks

Danyow: Is there a neat way to track xhr requests to a particular domain from the console via a script?

Delles: I’m making chrome app that connects to a website that uses cookies to authenticate, I need to make a few request that shouldn’t share cookies.

Maxie: Is there a way I can intercept when the action of a form changes ? I’m trying to track down a bug and I’m having a hard time figuring it out and tracing whoever changes the action would help a lot

Goelz: At first I thought about modifying Set-Cookie header but it’s probably not possible, or is it?

Vardaman: Hey guys, I have a page with checkboxes and a click handler for those checkboxes

Tomspon: Example: http://jsfiddle.net/onqwrn15/

Gonseth: Whenever I check a checkbox though, the “Clicked” prints twice