What tools to write sc****r.

Vafiadis: GreenJello: hey, you’re the Eady overlord, right?

Anakalea: Yeah, is it dead again? :/

Vafiadis: GreenJello: oh nevermind, I was gonna ask what was wrong with it, but I see it’s back ;-

Vafiadis: Was just curious what killed it, hehe

Vafiadis: GreenJello: as of that last bit of downtime – sorry, false alarm – I hadn’t checked yet for hte last couple days and didn’t realize it was back

Eady: Gillice: error /usr/lib/node_modules/babel/node_modules/babel-core/lib/babel/transformation/fil . unable to create gist url

Vafiadis: I keep meaning to clone it so I can see what kindsa things kill it on my local machine

Vafiadis: There’s all kindsa stuff I’m afraid to try on the real one

Eady: Paulhus: okay ‘title’, ‘version’, ‘moduleLoadList’, ‘versions’, ‘arch’, ‘platform’ . https://git.io/vZ5yB

Paulhus: B process.moduleLoadList

Eady: Paulhus: okay ‘Binding contextify’, ‘Binding natives’, ‘NativeModule events’, ‘NativeM . https://git.io/vZ5yy

Paulhus: Greenjello: Eady runs in a “contextify” vm?

Barajos: Starts a node process in a docker container

Modic: Hi, what is the best way to throttle the execution of a for/while loop if I only want to block that thread, not all ?

Paulhus: GreenJello: okay. will check this. you have a public repo for babelbots code?

Reineck: Balazs: you’d need to use timeouts or something to delay execution

Govostes: Paulhus, brigand/oftn-bot

Reineck: Balazs: JS only has a single execution thread so there are no other threads that you would block anyway, just the one that matters

Beevers: The branch is ‘es6’ I hink

Sarkin: Why do you want to block lol

Garroutte: Shouldn’t that function check if the remote content intended to be loaded in the bootstrap modal, loaded completely by checking if the global variable window.modal is not undefined and different from the the unique id generated by the php function uniqid, and stored in the hidden input with the name ‘page_id’ ? http://pastebin.ca/3161641

Garroutte: I get an endless loop instead

Reineck: Garroutte: javascript only has a single thread as just mentioned. Your while loop will run forever, blocking any other things from happening

Nidiffer: I am in much disagreement with whoever designed this invoice

Rabern: Putting order information on 2 lines D:

Garroutte: Zomg: ah i see, any idea sir ?

Finister: Now I have to be more clever about how I p**** it

Reineck: Garroutte: if you can’t listen for an event to determine when the loading finished, you can instead use setInterval. This would allow you to run a checking function at certain intervals without blocking execution

Garroutte: Zomg: very good idea sir, will read about it right away

Garroutte: We have clearInterval too

Vafiadis: Balazs: the other thing you can do is set up the loop using a recursive setTimeout instead of just a plain loop. Then each p*** on the “loop” would step out of the callstack and let other stuff run before executing another p***.

Vafiadis: Or, if you have access to ES6 generators, you can use a trick there to achieve much the same thing without having to re-execute a function every time

Chennault: Vafiadis: interesting, I’ll try that. Just have to get error handling right, so that the next iteration always happens.

Defusco: Hi why is this a zero index – screen = do***ent.getElementsByTagName’canvas’0 ? Is canvas an array?

Costabile: GetElementsByTagName returns an array, baxx

Defusco: NoiseEee: Oh right, cheers

Defusco: Yeah that makes sense .

Pinkins: Do jquery selectors expand upon Do***ent.querySelector ?

Corban: Et09: they are similar but return something very different

Fesmire: What tools to write sc****r that gets page & executes js to render templates?