What are buffers anyway.

Gillian: You need to give it half a second to stop listening for further instructions

Lango: I like to use Ctrl + A for leader

Vafiadis: Oh. why are you hitting ctrl+b again?

Pointon: Mosh uses ssh to start its remote server, then does its own connection over udp

Kalkman: You install a little server binary to the ssh server, and use mosh foo instead of ssh foo, it will connect via ssh, then it will start a mosh-server command which does all the transportation

Fraioli: Vafiadis: what? you don’t have to

Lango: And then map HJKL to pane switching, like arrows from vim

Vafiadis: Right. so I’m saying. where’s the delay?

Vafiadis: I don’t see the problem

Aguayo: You hit ctrl + b once to switch panes, and you can keep switching with the arrow keys until you fall over

Neller: It waits for further input

Kochevar: After executing your first

Kalkman: It will detect your screenmode and it will do its best to print updates to your screen as soon as you type, and not necessarily once it gets all the way to the server, repainted, and comes back

Yannantuono: And that’s how I often end up flying through tmux panes or windows trying to do something in vim

Vafiadis: I guess I always use ctrl+b,o to hop between panes

Vafiadis: I don’t usually use the arrow

Lek: Vafiadis: huh, not much control about what pane gets selected though

Cammarano: I usually have 5 panes in a window

Kewanwytewa: So I like to know where I’m going

Vafiadis: I usually only use two. if I want more, I’m probably using terminator on top of tmux

Lango: 5? how big is your monitor

Sthilaire: Lango: most are fairly small

Vafiadis: Also can’t you number-code each pane?

Vafiadis: That’d be faster and give you more control than the arrow anyway

Sibrian: I think they are number coded

Howden: I doubt it’s faster though

Kalkman: I use screen but I have bindings for alt+arrows to change splits in a given direction

Kalkman: I’m sure you can do the same with tmux?

Vafiadis: Yeah, ctrl+b,q will show the numbers

Mcraven: There’s something that makes vim splits and tmux panes navigable in the same way

Sjulstad: Kalkman: well the ctrl + b is easy enough for me

Bogosh: And a habit now anyway

Mazzoni: Alt + arrows would also collide with irssi

Sines: Lango: http://i.imgur.com/vDxFZDY.png

Doore: That’s my usual workspace

Kalkman: Oh I run irssi in another screen config

Kalkman: Alt+arrows in my dev screen

Kalkman: I would use control+arrows but OS X gobbles them

Kirk: Because splits are crazy

Wensman: More than two panes is just, bleh

Stallins: Each to their own I guess

Kalkman: Yeah you can’t really look at all that much **** at once anyway

Kalkman: You really can’t even look at two

Boyarski: Faster to switch between buffers anyway

Vafiadis: Ctrl+b,q,# will go to that # after displaying them

Sonderup: My eyes move faster than any possible command

Kalkman: I only have a smaller pane to show status of current build

Vafiadis: IE, ctrl-b q to show the numbers, then the number to go to it

Uyetake: I only split if I really need to be at two places in one file at the same time

Yannucci: Otherwise just use buffers imo

Desloge: I personally don’t see the point of having a bunch of empty space

Kalkman: I just bookmark lines for that

Ciprian: What are buffers anyway?