Wernert: thanks. it’s very.

Pavella: Ill just send a bs success message

Trucchi: I’d ask for credentials so I can reproduce it but you should never ever give those to me

Trucchi: Or the IT gods will be angry ;-

Trucchi: I can try and help debug if you change the backend so it sends a redirect on failed login tho

Trucchi: That way I can try it without getting any credentials

Trucchi: Z1haze: oh wait – data.redirect will only exist if you send that via JSON from the server

Trucchi: Sorry, I thought you meant you’d found some code that p****s it and converts it for you

Schneiderman: Just returned a string of success

Trucchi: Without sending JSON, you’d justu need to use the second and third arguments to the success handler: statusText and the jqXHR object. the jqXHR object will have status, statusText, and statusCode properties, among others

Trucchi: Oh, jquery ajax is weird lol

Trucchi: Looks like you can just add another property to the object you’re p***ing into $.ajax

Trucchi: StatusCode: { 301: functiondata, statusText, xhr { // get location might be in statusText, or on an xhr property – but I’d just log data, statusuText, and xhr to see what you’ve got to work with and set window.location accordingly

Trucchi: It might be in the statusText or responseText properties but I can’t remember – you might have to use getResponseHeader’Location’ or some such

Trucchi: So you can grab the loc from the header

Scholtens: My test runner doesn’t know how to wait for requirejs to finish ‘requiring’ and knockout to finish loading

Pederson: Http://codepen.io/anon/pen/EVVjQX So I was told that I wouldn’t be able to remove the whitespace below the first two divs and replace them with images using CSS but I’d have to rely on JavaScript, I’m not really sure what I would exactly need to do, any advice?

Santillanes: What’s the normal approach?

Langer: Should I get my js, at the very end of it’s “init” phase to plonk an div into the page somewhere to signifiy that it’s done?

Wernert: Protomega: http://masonry.desandro.com

Quiel: I was actually looking at that, and that was the initial solution. There are still some chances of there being whitespace as the demo shows here http://codepen.io/desandro/pen/osFxj but it’s better than nothing.

Wernert: I might also mention that those are terrible layouts for actually reading anything

Keppers: I agree, and the client was forewarned and still wanted it, so my hands are tied if I want to keep the client.

Caprice: Any tips on getting the day 5 days ago in this format: YYYY-MM-DD

Mione: Or X number of days ago

Lieske: Http://pastebin.ws/4b6ot6 , I get a reference error for tmc in the inner function

Buoy: Wernert: thanks just found it:

Wernert: Jonno_FTW: what’s the exact and full error message?

Wernert: Jonno_FTW: and then also how are you calling the function?

Fine: Wernert: nvm, I was looking for the error in the wrong pot

Jimison: Ifvalue.schedulesi == ‘undefined’ — is this a proper way of checking of if an index of array not found?

Wernert: No. you probably are missing typeof

Wininger: Iftypeof value.schedulesi === “undefined” — thanks

Pawluk: Say I have 2 bytes like “0x80”, how would I xor them in JS?

Wernert: Mdel: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Operators/Bitwise_Operators

Pawluk: Yeah I’m using but it seems like when I do this for hexidecimal values I get a decimal back

Pawluk: Perhaps that is expected?

Wernert: They’re bits. hex is a representation. you would have to make them into a hex string again

Wernert: P****Int “80”, 16 p****Int “81”, 16 .toString 16 ; or something

Pawluk: Wernert: thanks. it’s very possible I don’t need to deal with conversions. fwiw, I’m trying to create a node Buffer of bytes, and the protocol requires a checksum