Well, traditionally the JS.

Chappell: Its for function objects

Suttin: Console.log.callconsole, ‘bla bla bla’

Gerrero: Suttin: undefined; Console: ‘bla bla bla’

Leviton: This may have been a fever dream but I remember hearing about how it might be more performant to cache a binded function and then just invoke it directly

Lemmen: Have you guys heard of upup js?

Gerrero: Zumba_addict: object ‘this: moe’, ‘a: larry’, ‘b: curly’

Crape: Really appreciate it a lot

Rizor: I wonder if Guys has the ES7 binding syntax enabled

Hamling: Why did moe become part of this’

Tanzi: Anybody know whats up with Edge versioning? caniuse.com is saying 12/13 but when I look at Edge, it’s reporting 20.x

Rizor: B ‘hi’::function { return this; }

Feerick: Does es6 have shorthand syntax for foo.bar.bindfoo ? i seem to remember something about this but might be wrong

Rizor: ES7 does. babel has an optional transformer that makes it work

Feerick: Id rather not use es7 for a while

Feerick: I’d like someday not to need babel

Rizor: You can try it in your babel repl if you do babel-node –optional es7.functionBind

Feerick: This is all just too much for me

Rizor: You’ll always need babel! once es6 is in place then the default transformers will all be es7, heh

Rizor: I mean I guess you could someday NOT want to use nextgen features

Feerick: I was okay with not using es6

Rizor: Hey, being on the cutting edge is good for job security

Feerick: But then i was going to make something for the public consumption and started using it. and it’s not as wacky as i had thought.

Feerick: Particularly, babel doesn’t do stupid **** as much as i had feared

Rizor: But the syntax is someObj::someFunc. so you can do someObj::someFunc.args. OR you can do ::someObj.someMethod, which binds the method to its object so you can just p*** that in as a callback without having to worry about it losing its context

Feerick: Tbh if i changed jobs theres a reasonably good chance i wouldnt be writing js anymore

Feerick: Except maybe in my spare time some.

Rizor: Ah right, ’cause you’re a game dev

Rizor: I bet you’ll need some lua though!

Rizor: And they’re related anyway

Feerick: And i know enough lua to get by

Rizor: They seem extremely close to me

Rizor: Oh! speaking of lua, this is awesome in a terrifying way http://mlg.eng.cam.ac.uk/lloyd/blog-2015-09-01-neural-art.html

Feerick: The way they’re written is a bit less close than it could bei think

Rizor: Here’s the code https://github.com/jcjohnson/neural-style

Rizor: Code isn’t even very long

Feerick: I wonder how long it takes to run

Feerick: And if its the kind of thing you could do in realtime

Rizor: First link says “each of these were produced in a little over a minute”

Feerick: Yeah the code is very lookup heavy

Feerick: You might be able to at a low resolution though

Ricciardelli: Do you guys know an online store that sells really cool javascript t-shirts that I can buy from? 😀

Feerick: If you precompute all the tables and run it on the gpu

Rizor: The way it starrynightifies stuff is earily realistic

Rizor: I don’t wear code t-shirts, I don’t like playing to type 😛

Tautuiaki: I would like to wear a t-shirt where in front is JAVA is good but JAVASCRIPT lay waste on it

Pennebaker: I think a lot of people at work will get mad at me, maybe i might get terminated too, hahaha

Goodpaster: Do we have like a mascot like GNU

Rizor: Well, traditionally the JS mascot is a Rhinoceros