Well my code on top line is.

Cowan: Or in the failed p***work checkblock

Petrocelli: You can also use the debugger statement on chrome

Seubert: But it’s better with breakpoints i think

Etling: He’s doing a hacking challenge.

Griesbaum: With or without lodash is there a quick way to delete all keys in an object that are undefined or return obj w/ just the wanted ones

Menn: So it’s not his code.

Hannula: Wait so I want the breakpoint after the p***word check?

Griesbaum: I guess i could loop through w/ for key of obj { and checkk if undefined and delete those

Horchler: I had it on var t = true;

Griesbaum: But doesn’t seem clean. i would think this would be easier

Laslie: Raptors: thats the wrong place.

Tempe: You need to set it back to true after the other parts set it to false.

Youell: Griesbaum: clean or not, that’s what any method of doing it is going to do ultimately.

Griesbaum: Return a new one or use delete ?

Griesbaum: Just wondering what the _cleaner_ way of doing it is ; – i know HOW to do it the ok way

Adler: Clean is subjective. i would do it the obvious way.

Klemencic: E.g. a loop + test and delete, or a loop and build a new object, depending if you want a new one or to modify the old.

Bile: Tcsc_, so basically put a stop on the } before ift

Griesbaum: Can lodash do that tho?

Zephyr: Then go to console and make t = true;

Pettiford: Is anyone using a maven s*** plugin for a project? i’m looking to use one and i’m trying to use one from geodien. but getting an error about failing to execute a ruby script.

Griesbaum: _arguments0.omit_.isUndefined.omit_.isNull.value

Griesbaum: Removed all the undefined components from my object argument in es6

Manciel: Tcsc_, that didn’t work. Probably because of the very next line that says doclument.location.indexof”?p=” == -1

Kluka: Guess I need to do it the right way

Debray: Well, if you find out the code that is supposed to execute, you can force it to execute.

Milush: Again, i said that was hard to say what you need to do without more context.

Chaiken: Just that the debugger can thwart any client side crypto.

Grauel: Anyone know the name of this lib for multiselect, drag to select? http://fontello.com/ click on any icon and drag

Viessman: Since the site uses jQuery I would ***ume it’s a jQuery plugin

Sammons: That was actually pretty fun

Mccolm: Http://jsfiddle.net/Soldier/gCHAG/

Blackson: Http://jsfiddle.net/gCHAG/963/

Feldkamp: I used someone else work and reworked it

Gelbart: Anyone made a simple card game and is willing to share source?

Griesbaum: Rue_mohr: can prolly find plenty on github

Seery: Is it strange that I do javascript dev in vim in linux environments

Sekuterski: In es6, what’s the difference between new.target and this.constructor

Heyser: Http://jsfiddle.net/gCHAG/963/

Brien: Is it just me or does the JS community move REALLY fast?

Sekuterski: Old tools die painful deaths and new tools go on m***ive hype cycles

Sekuterski: Only way to actually keep up in the js open source community is to use small enough tools that they can easily be replaced

Wassel: Grill: That’s because there’s no real JS community.

Gribbin: I need help getting JS to selet random numbers, with ranges ie 1-100, then 400-500 etc.

Kanable: Ycon_, see https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Math/random#Examples getRandomInt

Sprain: Yes I read this thanks- here is my attempt http://pastebin.com/3uib5iAW

Shubeck: Well my code on top line is working- so I presume it is?