Vinex08: why do you think.

Postin: Any tips folks?

Mandujano: Hey all, I have an API serving OAuth 2 and I want to get the code in Javascript

Mandujano: I the url and am prompted to login, then the new window shows the code on the page and in the URL

Mandujano: I want to access this code in javascript from the place where the window was opened

Mandujano: Is this a case for window.opener or is there a better way than embedding JS in the response from the server?

Rm: Not sure, but isnt there a way to just pipe it in and stay in the app rather than opening it in a window

Mandujano: Spacenomad: I’m not sure. I’m definitely using inAppBrowser in the cordova version which has loadstop event I can bind to

Mandujano: I’m looking at it in a browser

Middlebrook: The last time i was in working on an app on cordova, i got my **** handed to me

Clayson: For raw or create a graph? bar graph wich plugin recommend me?

Mandujano: I have the cordova part working

Mandujano: I need the gulp watch bit to work

Mcgwin: Just use highcharts or like d3js. lol

Mandujano: My netbook cannot handle the emulator

Mad: Neither could mine. cordova has some weird stuff going on. the build and all

Matthys: I still wish JavaScript had something like Java’s System.identityHashCode.

Zipkin: Gilgameshkun: what would that allow you?

Wassenaar: Writing an identity hash map or identity hash set.

Topliss: Without so much linear behavior.

Felber: Meaning like a tight group of boolean results?

Stickles: No idea, I’m just trying to make sense of what you’re saying not that you’re confusing, I’m just confused

Kastler: Well, looping through an array or even indexOf involves linear behavior. If it’s a very large list, it can become an issue. An identity hash code allows set and map designs that drastically reduce their search area.

Fanno: Like, keeping a large list of objects, and determining whether an object is already in that list.

Debiasi: The convention is array indexOf, which loops linearly using === to find it.

Rivera: But that’s linear behavior.

Langwith: I see what you’re saying

Bovell: Well the way I see it js development is driven a little bit by its functional roots and a lotta bit by the number of devs coming in from other languages expecting certain things

Reposa: A hash table uses an array corresponding to higher bits, and then linearly searches those. They are much smaller.

Wigginton: I mean, searches those sublists.

Moneaux: Identity hash codes have plenty of uses.

Boen: Also, cached string hash codes, for similar reasons.

Borroto: Sorry, there was a spider on my shirt. I freaked out.

Ybarbo: Though if all strings are interned, then an identity hash code might be good enough for that too.

Stukel: Hello c: Could somebody help me with ? want to send a message via the console but whenever I set the text of the textarea the “send” button doesn’t get enabled

Ferriter: Console because firefox remote plugin

Archut: Hey how do I convert this to javascript date /Date1419976800000/

Wakley: Lyze: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Mazuera: Is there a way to run a script on safari browser only?

Volk: Anyone able to help me figure out why this data is giving me an error when i request it via ajax? the error is “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token :”

Abdul: Tried asking google but, useless results

Straight: Vinex08: why do you think you want to do that