Var table = { false:.

Mulkins: God I hate websites that attempt to **** with my scroll acceleration

Arvanitis: I was literally bout to tear my code apart

Medders: Which conditional do you folks prefer?

Schelle: Longer line or 3 lines

Nasalroad: Xckpd7, did you see my paste ?

Masi: Xckpd7: Maybe just log the actual values you want to see

Graichen: Otherwise, yeah, you can create a logging wrapper

Zanini: Not sure if console.dir would fix the problem

Kozyra: Can’t do return { phoneNumber, source } at the bottom of the function outside of the conditional chain because block-scope

Bevilacqua: Nasalroad: lol yeah but then I started reading STRML’s stuff, I see you put the answer there. oh man :

Decillis: STRML: I could but the object represents the state of my application and I just want to see the data at a poitn in time

Justo: Yeah. Then just make a log function

Kitagawa: Alright. I’ll try the .dir but I feel like it’s going to be the same

Kudrick: I used to use .dir all the time but stopped because console.log got good

Plessis: Yeah same thing. thanks though I’ll make the log

Trucchi: Tejasmanohar: sure you can, you can just declare them before the conditional, and use var instead of const. You aren’t gaining anything from using const there anyway, since you’re immediately ***igning the value to a returned object

Trucchi: That said I’d probably just use a ternary there

Trucchi: OR a function hash actually

Trucchi: Oh wait, nevermind the hash

Kennell: What ternary would you use? jae

Delrosso: This is what i derived, Trucchi

Trucchi: Return obj.phoneNumber ? { phoneNumber: formatCountryobj.phoneNumber, source: ‘website’ } : { phoneNumber: formatCountryobj.From, source: ‘cookie’ };

Arbetman: That’s a super long line, no?

Trucchi: But I find you can put the : on the second line and it looks clean

Trucchi: But others would disagree

Kratt: What are the pros /cons of using events on do***ent

Trucchi: As for the else-if, well, currently your else-if is going to return nothing if both of the conditionals aren’t true

Fuente: Like this? jaawerth

Brittman: Ternary would be if-else not if else-if

Trucchi: Tejasmanohar: ah, I thought your else-if was unnecessary there because you didn’t have a fallback option – so you want it to return nothing if neither condition p***es?

Pellicone: Trucchi: sure, since there’s an if !phoneNumber in the other function

Laiben: Maybe false would be better? not sure.

Mauriello: In the current context, what i’md oing works fine. not sure if it’s the _best practice_ though-

Trucchi: In that case I’d probably just write two if statements and leave it at that

Trucchi: Ultimately it just comes down to personal preference though

Goshay: Yeah i guess, easier to read with else if to me

Boera: Even when you don’t need i t i use it except wheni ‘m returning a “default” kinda value at the bottom of the function

Sidebottom: But yeah it’s whatever

Gowen: If I have ‘hello hi’ i wanna get the number of white spaces

Trucchi: Tejasmanohar: here’s a dirty thing you can do that relies on coercion and I’m definitely not recommending it but I think it’s cute:

Eilers: Alright : – i’m ready

Oberer: Can any one help me with this Promise question?

Pauldo: Https://

Cujas: BeforeSave and send both return promises

Trucchi: Var table = { false: function { return ‘newp’; }, true: function { return ‘yep’; } }; table!0