Var min = 100, max =.

Elvis: Yeah it might error in the loop if you did that

Catalfamo: RonRichie, you have an error at line 16

Vaden: Power3,1 is 3 * power3,0

Elvis: If you wanted it to handle it more gracefully you could check both destIdx destLen && srcIdx srcLen

Elvis: I wouldn’t bother though;

Elvis: Omg i ended a sentence with a semicolon. what is my life coming to.

Sangster: Yansanmo: What do you mean by that? Is my syntax incorrect? The ranges aren’t important- I just need to know how its done

Minelli: Yansanmo alright, thanks makes sense, ok now we hit the base case and exponent is 0, now, how does all these numbers get calculated? from bottom to top multiplication?

Longmire: Ycon_, your code doesn’t make sense, it’s incomplete

Follie: RonRichie, what do you mean?

Elvis: D4***it3: you’re running through a preprocessor for es6 right?

Pujol: Ycon_, you are using n1 and it’s not defined

Kuhle: Ycon_, you are returning a value, then you put code after the return, that doesn’t make sense

Warshauer: Yansanmo well, so since we hit the base case all these numbers should somehow addup to each other to result that 3, 9, 27 correct? so how and in what order do these numbers add up together that gives this final result after hitting the base case?

Hatfield: Yansanmo in other words, how do i get this 3,9,27 result ?

Izzard: Yansanmo: does this make any more sense?

Eredia: Ycon_, what is .n1 at line 9 ?

Bernabe: Yansanmo: it was “arrayOfRandomNumbers = .random35, maxWomenIndex;” which works fine

Luber: RonRichie, in the stack array ?

Garroutte: Should I just use prepared statements to validate user input data?, I mean the server side

Daniele: Ycon_, but you aren’t using arrayOfRandomNumbers

Garroutte: Or should I yet do some client-side js-based validation

Garroutte: Considering data input forms

Bedore: Yansanmo aha, how do these numbers come out as 3,9,7 in other words what numbers do get added up/multiplied together to get that result? I hope this question makes sense, I just don’t know how else to word it better :-/

Entrup: Is this even valid javascript? module.exports = Tweets = React.createCl***{

Ghormley: Garroutte: always validate user input server side if it’s going to a query.

Palevic: Well, sanitize it. prepared statements probably good enough.

Wegner: RonRichie, I don’t understand the question, you are putting these number in the array, I don’t know what is unclear about that

Garroutte: Yeah, i thought of preparing good-looking floating popups to notify the user what was wrong, after doing a server-side validation :v

Garroutte: Shouldn’t JSON suffice ?

Garroutte: I’m using ajax to send form data to a local server

Birkey: RonRichie: are you asking what the connection is between those numbers?

Sickmeir: Yansanmo: So how would you suggest I use it then? My original working line is simply ‘arrayOfRandomNumbers = .random35, aNumberHere;’

Ealley: Ycon_, what’s wrong with that line ?

Pierpoint: Yansanmo: It works. But I want it to only take certain ranges of number to pick randomly from “aNumberHere”. Currently it picks a random number from the whole range

Hanoa: Ycon_, it picks 35 numbers from 0 to aNumberHere not included ?

Spellman: Yansanmo, Yes it does

Zaffino: Let’s say you have .random35, 11 so you will have 35 numbers from 0 to 10 included, right ?

Symmonds: Now, if you want the range 100 to 110, you just need to add “100” to every number in the array.

Lyman: Ahhh Let me test that in a plunker

Sencabaugh: 11 is the max-min+1 110-100+1 = 11, 100 is the min, so if you put variable instead

Kennelly: Var min = 100, max = 110; var arrayOfRandomNumbers = .random35, max-min+1.mapfunctiona { return a + min; }