Vafiadis: presumable there.

Elvis: This has always felt like the least useful part of the job application process

Provazek: Emaczen: can’t you simply make an image that follows the cursor around then?

Coile: I’m not even sure why you’re redrawing it with SVG, seems like you’d do the same with an SVG

Gephardt: Lewis: Is “ES6 or TypeScript” even an option?

Goldenberg: Hylle: I’m just curious about your personal opinion

Fiebelkorn: Because, like, they’re very different, and they aim to solve very different problems

Hartline: The Pendulum what is the position of an image?

Byrnside: Emaczen: the same as the mouse’s, then :p you can give it an absolute position with CSS

Marquina: Gillice: Let me look at the API

Tomich: What API are you using?

Trone: Gillice: I’m just going to look at the DOM API. I’m not terribly familiar with that much web technologies obviously.

Footer: Tcsc: its. a paragraph

Elvis: Torkable: thats all you usually get? i usually see like a page

Pagel: I write them though lol

Carpenter: Emaczen: can’t you use CSS like demonstrated here for you purpose?

Vafiadis: Tcsc: cover letter is how you try to get someone to actually read your resume and pay attention

Lebow: I need to change the css in this project

Schlepphorst: Vafiadis: by not boring them to death

Elvis: Well then time to trash this ****

Landolf: But when I crack open the .css file, there is a different encoding in it. either LESS or S***. how can I tell the difference?

Vafiadis: Tcsc: it’ll usually make no difference, with an outside chance of killing your chance or giving you a major boost depending on whether they like your style

Vafiadis: But yeah, short is good

Vafiadis: I always try to include a “tone”

Vafiadis: If my feel for the company is that they’ll appreciate something a bit different, I may increasingly roll the dice with a snappy cover letter

Kalkman: PenguinMan98: uh, by knowing the language you’re comparing to and reading it to see

Kalkman: PenguinMan98: or paste it and see if someone else can tell you

Benintendi: Anyone here know how to find the collection that angular iterates over in some table on a 3rd party site, like if i have ng-repeat=”player in $vs_collection” .how do i find that vs collection

Vafiadis: Neataroni: it’ll be set on $scope somewhere

Mihalek: Vafiadis is a property of window? i never used angular

Vafiadis: Neataroni: most likely in a controller, unless it’s been set on $rootScope, in which case it could be in something else but that’s relatively uncommon

Vafiadis: Neataroni: No, it ties into angular’s DI and module system

Mildenberger: Neataroni: That doesn’t seem like a proper thing to be doing though. Stealing data from somebody’s site. Why not ask them if they have an API?

Vafiadis: By design, they aren’t global unless they’ve been poorly implemented

Vafiadis: The only way to really get access to a controller’s context is to set a breakpoint in it

Kilts: PenguinMan98: lol- the data is already here

Vafiadis: Or you can use an extension

Meier: Vafiadis: i tried a couple chrome extensions, though i wasn’t quite sure how to use them

Vafiadis: You’re gonna have a hard time using them without knowing what scopes are and how they work

Vafiadis: Or at least controllers as view-models

Frith: How can I look at the properties of a “div” object? I’ve used = . but Object.keysmyDiv returns .

Kalkman: Object.keys returns only own, numerable properties I believe

Kalkman: You can console.log it, or you can use Object.getOwnPropertyNames for non-enumerables

Paris: Vafiadis: presumable there is some global object that all the collections and models are descendants of? i just need a dump of that