Using websockets you can.

Elvis: You’d use canvas2d for that

Elvis: It’s a bit different from your average frontend work though

Holub: Kapu maybe checkout — there are a lot of smaller challenges of varying difficulty.

Bandin: Canvas2d is like… qbasic of javascript =

Grandner: Any HTML5 freak here?

Elvis: Canvas2d isn’t that bad

Butorac: Thanks a bunch for the input on this

Elvis: Parts of the api **** but

Killick: Tcsc: I’d say canvas2d isn’t as good as qbasic 😛

Elvis: I never used qbasic, tbh

Fiorito: Xatenev: you never know until you ask I’m not really here though

Rosenau: Fiorito: asked some time ago already

Elvis: But the only parts of canvas2d that are really bad are all the parts where you p*** in structured data as strings.

Eaks: But didnt get a response .p

Trager: Just wanted to aks if some new people appeared maybe =D

Elvis: Like ctx.fillStyle, ctx.strokeStyle, ctx.font

Keigley: Xatenev: you didn’t ask, you tried to convey a poll =

Elvis: Other than that it’s fine for a 2d drawing api, even if it’s a bit limited.

Wren: Instead of asking a question, you asked if there are people familiar with something

Allerton: It is usually a wrong way of asking questions on the internet

Lobregat: I asked some hours ago

Elvis: I still usually start with it for 2d stuff before moving to webgl, just because of all the tedium that webgl entails

Stanek: Probably u werent here back then

Gilbeau: Ive read this article about positional 3D audio

Fiorito: Xatenev: new people have zero chance of scrolling up and seeing whatever you asked before

Eigo: Hes combining 3d audio with his webGL game

Spaulding: How would I go on to just create a fixed position for the listener

Shortridge: And play sounds at different positions around me?

Woerner: If i described it bad, just ask for more info pl0x :p

Gonzalea: I need some kind of autobump

Fiorito: But try to summarize, don’t say “pl0x” and put the whole question and related links and code into a pastebin or gist

Garroutte: A variable that belongs to the window object becomes ‘undefined’ after reloading the page, right ?

Fiorito: Garroutte: that depends on which variable it is

Woltz: Garroutte: i think window has something like localstorage

Raymond: Window.localStorage where you can save stuff in

Elvis: You can only save strings iirc

Elvis: You can use indexeddb for more structured data

Garroutte: Fiorito: i mean a variable that was created doing: window.m_id=’whatever’;

Mate: Tcsc: Window.localStorage – Web API Interfaces MDN

Mate: Tcsc: IndexedDB – Web API Interfaces MDN

Garroutte: Anyway i was pointing to a global variable created by the user

Jenaye: How do browsers typically handle undo/redo when you have undone, created more history and undone to the branching point

Fiorito: Emaczen: it’s gone, of course

Fiorito: Emaczen: but there is usually also a “history” feature that shows a linear list of all sites visited ordered by time of most recent visit

Landesberg: I came across this code, what would be an example of proper handling? Is there a better solution then the client polling the server every 3 seconds?

Zelko: Using websockets you can push from the server when ever there’s an update testerbit