Using an instance is really.

Mineau: Hannibal_Smith: I haven’t seen that definition anywhere.

Mandes: Gregsometimes, you mean to check for new messages after an interval?

Rusu: Gregsometimes, that’s a possible route, but i’m reading up alternatives at the moment.

Torgrimson: Delegate events? jQuery’s “on” method.

Riefer: Something like that ;

Landolf: How do I make an object with a key and value that is the result of an expression, rather than literal? I want to return { loc.desc } from a web service.

Hoehl: Gregsometimes, haven’t used that method, will look into it.

Leverson: Agent, computed properties in ES67

Darrough: Agent: { loc.desc } in ES6, var a = {}; = loc.desc, in ES5

Pintos: Also check out — to expand on Dolby’s answer.

Runions: Gregsometimes, apparently you can query twitch like discussion.

Tinkey: Https://

Demopoulos: Iā€™m actually using TypeScript, so I think I have to use the ES5 solution.

Forber: Thanks for help, gonna see if i can connect to twitch on hexchat now šŸ˜›

Kerbel: Agent: Just remember when the source value changes the computed prop needs to change too

Chareunsri: Does anyone in here use Vim? I’m trying to find a combination of syntax highlighting + colorscheme that makes sense, in that e.g. protected keywords are highlighted in a consistent way like let, const, if, else all appear as the same color

Meneus: Agent: TypeScript supports that composition syntax { someVar: someValue }

Meneus: Agent: you can see what ES6 features TypeScript supports here. It got a major update to its support in TS 1.5

Meneus: Agent: ah, though it says there it needs to also involve core-js

Reppond: I’m starting with functional programming and got huge background with java php c etc.

Meneus: But that object bit doesn’t require core

Lahtinen: I wonder how can i use composition in javascript “cl***”

Tanner: Node.js users: v4.0.0 was just released.

Reschke: Is there an easy way to determine if .filterobj{} has a result?

Miessner: And nvm installs it bingy-bangy

Wiklund: Any good example would be very usefull :

Meneus: Jsparks_: can you be more specific?

Meneus: What are you trying to do, exactly?

Meneus: Jsparks_: and by “cl***” do you just mean constructor functions?

Hiller: Hi Meneus I’m trying to create a cl*** in which some of the properties are in instances of other cl***

Policar: Jsparks_: its vital you understand that OO concepts are different in JS.

Besant: Maltba: check ther length of the array lol

Holway: NoiseEee I start to understand that

Meneus: Jsparks_: what NoiseEee said, but to be clear, do you need to learn how to set up that inheritance? and if so where do you want to bring composition into play?

Altom: Havvy, it lacks of a changelog?

Meneus: I ask because this is one of those things where there are few possible approaches to OO, some of which are more FP-friendly than others

Spierling: Just composition not inheritance by now

Matarrita: Hannibal_Smith: Known issue. :S

Davers: B 1,2,3,4.filtern = n % 2 === 0.length

Meneus: Jsparks_: object composition or function composition?

Sava: 1,2,3,4.filterfunctionn { return n % 2 === 0; }.length

Konopacki: Hendershott: number 2

Misty: Meneus I want to use a cl*** instance within another cl*** simple as that

Meneus: Jsparks_: take a look here

Meneus: Using an instance is really just a matter of instantiating it and doing something with it