Use AWS so you arent.

Adey: Oh wait, you mean our app will? or the bug tracking app?

Meaders: Oh yeah of course lol,, just for now I know he prefers no one can steal our stuff. like to the point where we have our own servers in our garage, etc

Pigue: Though. that may be for long-term finance purposes, but yeah whatevs. i guess i’m just looking for a way to track our progress

Masella: Nobody cares about your idea. it isn’t novel in the slightest. it is only the m***ive amount of work you are going to put in that makes it worth doing

Wheeling: So many things out like jira and asana, i’m not sure what to use

Hallinger: Pretty much every tracking SaaS is gonna keep your stuff private

Hallinger: They’d be out of business quicklike if they didnt

Sapardanis: Ah, yeah but it’d be hard for him to be convinced

Pandiani: Know anything that I can have local?

Bucaro: Just wondering if you had any recommendations

Hallinger: Https://

Lana: Oh yeah i remember reading a bit about gitlab a while back

Devoto: Okie doke i gotta compare the two

Hallinger: Personally id be more concerned about my garage burning down than github losing my code

Wellard: It’s been pretty hot in there

Masella: Put it in multiple garages!

Martindelcamp: We plan to, we’re buying a house to store it into

Lemelin: Installing solar panels to help with electricity

Masella: You’d rather buy a house than rent a server

Tomblinson: He rather buy a house than rent a server yeah

Twohey: He sees it as multi-purpose

Masella: I wish i could just say “huh. instead of paying $20/mo for a server, i’ll just buy a new house!”

Purpora: Sounds like your boss has had one too many pingers haha

Duthie: He’s my business partner

Remaley: I trust him, he has good foresight, and we learned a lot through this process of buying servers and building applications so it’s cool

Masella: If you’re not shipping something, you’ve got nothing

Gehrett: Right right Masella we know, been working on it for 3 1/2 years and were ready to launch but went back to the drawing board because we want to experiment

Singh: Btw, gitlab serves a different purpose than jira right?

Masella: You should’ve shipped.

Schange: Nah, there was just 2 of us and I knew we would have tons of bugs. It’d be hard to keep up with the feature we wanted to add while keeping up with the bugs

Kuehnhold: Unless we had funding, it’d be difficult to get more help

Masella: So what you’re saying sounds like you never want to ship

Eapen: That’s what it sounds like?

Satcher: Ah well then, hopefully what it sounds like doesn’t reflect what happens

Masella: There’s always bugs. you find the minimal amount of features. you ship. you fix bugs that are intolerable. you add features that users want. you keep shipping

Kahill: Right, but there becomes this bottleneck in regards to the speed of growth of the application

Masella: My bug trackers are 50+ long. 45 of those are marginal, nice-to-fix

Casello: Which people try to solve by throwing more programmers into the equation

Hallinger: Do you have that problem now?

Hallinger: Too many users / bottlenecks / etc?

Masella: You’re thinking like an engineer. there’s a reason why engineers don’t lead businesses for long

Mourer: Nope, but I’ve consulted business and worked for businesses that did and do

Masella: So, bug tracker. use a hosted solution so you don’t have to deal with maintaining one yourself, because you don’t have time to maintain a bug tracker yourself!

Hallinger: Use AWS so you arent running servers in your ****in garage