Tumulty: well, I want that.

Gull: Vinex08: sorry, ignore that

Lindman: Spykins: find will return null

Dannenberg: Oh, wow your formatting is horrible

Brening: I thought return find1, “1” was outside the scope of findSolution

Cousins: Then findSolution will return null

Teepe: Anyone know something as simple/quick as this triggered through jquery? https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/

Bleazard: Please. tell me what happens when u run findSolution24

Gadlin: Rou would you like to implement those effects in jQuery?

Menches: Spykins: 1 is equal to “1”

Angeloni: Welcome to javascript

Graczyk: Also known as sumatrascript

Fabiano: So how can i add SELECT?

Tiemann: FindSolution will return “1”

Masteller: My god, one second spykins

Greaser: Spykins: it returns 1 * 3 + 5 * 3

Notley: I dont understand the issue

Castellana: Because 1 is less than 24.

Stanfa: Can somebody tell me why the following might be considered to be invalid es6?

Sherrard: Spykins does history need to be a string?

Krajewski: Hobo spykins: find will return null

Touchette: Why are there typed arrays in es6? Was it a speed decision?

Donze: Const intervalId = setIntervalfunction { clearIntervalintervalId; }, 100;

Seligman: WebStorm is saying that “intervalId” is an unresolved variable.

Veino: I’m currently transpiling it, so I’m unsure whether it’s working because of the transpiler, or whether it’s legitimately invalid

Niswander: I suspect that something is wrong with webstorm

Eustache: Spykins: my output http://pastebin.com/Tx41p6L6

Splatt: Vinex08: whats not validating?

Covarruvia: 28 “” 24 it returns null cos it’s greater than 24

Honan: I would like to make every word 4000 of them on a page clickable. in IE i used to do do***ent.onClick { event.srcElemtn.innerText to find out the word. i ddint have to enclose the words in spans or anything . does that sound right?

Caspers: Nowadays what is the prefered method of doing this?

Georgopoulos: Here is an exmaple of one of my pages: http://prologmoo.com:3020/logicmoo/search4term_n_human_language_v0_EnglishLanguage_vZ_n_logic_lang_name_v0_CLIF_vZ_n_prover_name_v0_proverPTTP_vZ_n_partOfSpeech_v0_N_vZ_n_hideMeta_v0_OFF_vZ_n_showSystem_v0_OFF_vZ_n_hideTriggers_v0_OFF_vZ_n_showAll_v0_OFF_vZ_n_is_context_v0_BaseKB_vZ_n_action_menu_item_v0_query_vZ?call=search4term&search=predicate_property

Estorga: This is my netscape versiopn 😛

Willison: Dmiles_afk: it looks like as of 2011, you’ll still have to wrap the words

Hanify: Prohobo: cant i get the world to isntall ie4?

Aragundi: Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2444430/how-to-get-a-word-under-cursor-using-javascript

Vanderzanden: But you can use js to wrap the words at least

Hartsch: Prohobo: nice. and i can target the whole doo***ent correct?

Sethi: Like the original poster says tho

Smelko: It’ll strip any inner html

Brubeck: I am sorta hopping to use it all in pre is that reasonable?

Ogando: Hey guys, I’m looking for the specific term or functionality describing a list of choices hashed in the URL so opening a URL with a given hash will decode it and show the options as selected before.

Mruczek: Dmiles_afk: sure, but ive never used pre before lol

Kasel: SargoDarya: sounds like you want REST parameters

Capati: Usually things like that are done with ajax

Arrendell: Nah, that’s not really what I’m looking for.

Tumulty: SargoDarya: there’s no term. it’s just, storing state in a URL. it can be done in any part of the URL.

Buswell: Tumulty: well, I want that state to be stored in the smallest possible way.