Try using hsl and changing.

Serfoss: Horita: im using it within an each loop

Tynan: Pikul: Like, say, in my example I linked before , it doesn’t register with the $”#test”.clickfunction { . };

Raisin: Lovely, Germany suspends schengen. anyone else does it, and Germany threatens them

Tarzia: 1,2,3.findfunctionitem { return item === 2; };

Mate: Gillice: TypeError: 1, 2, 3.find is not a function

Dostie: Malphurs, it’s working here. I clicked on Blah and got “Yay”

Lohse: I don’t remember the prefix

Eady: Horita: okay test undefined

Twiggs: B 1,2,3.findfunctionitem { return item === 2; };

Eady: Horita: error /usr/lib/node_modules/babel/node_modules/babel-core/lib/babel/transformation/fil .

Railsback: Pikul: Yeah, I know in that example that it works. But I have something else where it doesn’t. I can’t put the code up

Eady: Horita: error /usr/lib/node_modules/babel/node_modules/babel-core/lib/babel/transformation/fil .

Kerwood: Well #test must not exist there

Eady: Horita: okay Function

Ruhling: I don’t know how to recreate it :-/

Kotzen: I have a integer variable, i’d like to generate a greyscale HTML hex code value. how?

Seidl: Between what and what? like 0 and 255?

Kotzen: Nevermind. i think i can probably use rgbar,g,b directly.

Eppley: Color hex code should be 255 * 255 * 255 i think

Elvis: Zap0: val 16val 8val

Elvis: You want it for a 2d context?

Hollingshed: If you’re using rgb you can just use the value itself

Kotzen: Yeah. for a 2D context.

Sester: Avoiding the extended family but too hungry to continue doing so, bbiab

Daron: If you know the maximum value of the integer you can just calculate it

Elvis: Sometimes you see people do it as val * 0x010101

Elvis: Which is the same as val 16 val 8 val but way less clear imo

Kotzen: Things just went very crazy. i’m clearly failing at using rgba :

Elvis: For rgba, the rgb are between 0 and 255, and the a is between 0 and 1

Kotzen: Ctx.strokeStyle = rgba c, c, c, 1 ; i’ve converted c into 0-255

Ribas: And c indeed is 0-255?

Elvis: It needs to be a string

Buonassisi: Yeah, the whole thing

Kotzen: Ah. it’s a string, not a function.

Elvis: That is the downfall of canvas2d

Elvis: All the stupid ****ing strings

Sylvain: What would you prefer?

Boken: Rgba, r, g, b, with each being a number from 0-255?

Boken: The convention, basically

Elvis: Well, rgba vs argb vs abgr vs whatever doesnt make a huge difference to me

Boken: Strings are dumb though.

Elvis: But i would prefer actual types, yeah.

Kotzen: Ok, works now. thank you everyone.

Boken: Well considering that JS is loosely typed. yeah, it’s not that crazy to use strings

Kotzen: And now the result is not very visually appealing : . i think i need to use colour temperature or somefink instead

Higginbotham: Hi I do this in console

Elvis: Zap0: what are you going for

Burbano: Https://

Flath: Why can’t I erase the background color property?

Kotzen: Trying to map a var from 0 to ~10 into a visual colour that ***uely represents that values intensity. i have a greyscale. but it just doesn’t convey good visual cues.

Kotzen: I might try finding a few colours i can put into a scale, that represents cold- to hot.

Elvis: Try using hsl and changing saturation, or something like that.