This is the song I’m trying.

Straight: Gilgameshkun: there isn’t one

Ventimiglia: How would I tell a button inside a button to trigger but not the “parent-button”

Lego: The JavaScript infinity literal is just called Infinity, right? Or is that a scope variable that can be re***igned?

Maione: I’d use 1 / 0, but someone reading my code may not realize that’s positive infinity.

Dingson: Anyone knows of a library to render meme fonts on canvas?

Usman: Gilgameshkun: I believe, like undefined, in some older engines it can be redefined

Usman: I think new engines stop you re***igning it though

Usman: Undefined = ‘****’; Infinity = ‘****’; undefined, Infinity

Wakley: Usman: object undefined, Infinity

Usman: People would get around this by wrapping code that is utterly dependent on it in something like functionInfinity, undefined { . }1/0

Usman: But I think it’s unnecessary for the most part

Baldwin: Iacn’t figure it out. How do you stop .remove on a backbone view from removing this.$el? That is the container for all views to be in. it’s no good removing that.

Visor: Anyone here ok with doing collision grids?

Wildberger: Q: Is it OK to use arrow functions in places where you don’t actually need context binding. for the sake of shorter syntax and code readability?

Culajay: Had to eat. I get hungry more easily anymore.

Siefert: And apparently am not gaining weight.

Pexsa: Gilgameshkun, Coding burns calories.

Fant: Nah, that’s not it. XD

Notwick: I think it’s a side-effect of a recent medical prescription.

Weil: Bewilled, which site do you run?

Tyrrell: I recently heard a song that sounded familiar, but I have no idea where it came from.

Tribou: It’s beginning to nag on my mind.

Palenik: At least, this time, I can link it easily.

Knoepke: But the link doesn’t list the song’s name or origin.

Pexsa: Gilgameshkun, Sound Hound or Shazzam it.

Pexsa: Sound Hound is free on Android. I think you can use Shazzam on desktop.

Debski: Oh, I think I tried these before. But this music has no lyrics. It’s purely instrumental rock.

Delphia: There are also sites on the net where you can whistle or hum the melody and they will search for you

Pexsa: Gilgameshkun, Sound Hound has no problem with instrumental.

Sonderegger: Yay, identified it! 😀

Croyle: I’ve got a weird error I’m trying to track down

Breckley: I’ve got this incredibly ****ty webclient I’m forced to use, and in trying to automate it through python I’m running into all sorts of problems

Hashem: Gilgameshkun ?

Wildberger: I’m wondering if any existing JavaScript style guide has info one when do you want to use function expression vs function decloration?

Trapper: Chrome doesn’t work because some JS is no longer supported

Bastille: IE works fine, but I’m running into some problem with COM and frames, but that’s another matter

Pastures: Firefox, OTOH, gets me this in the console when I try to click a button:

Mcmeel: 14:42:18.227 TypeError:***ent.all. is null1 nav.js:75:7

Pennigton: 14:42:18.227 TypeError:***ent.all. is null1 nav.js:75:7

Desiderio: TypeError:***ent.all. is null

Zmek: Smgs: What’s this link for?

Firpi: This is the offending code:

Selinger: Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with it, and why FF refuses to run it, while Chrome and IE will?

Hashem: Gilgameshkun, Somebody That I Used To Know Gotye Cover using Violin & Loop Station – Joel Grainger – YouTube

Barretto: This is the song I’m trying to identify. I had Sound Hound listen to it repeatedly – no matches. —