They justu don’t make any.

Kozak: The bystander effect and so on

Feerick: And the centering/lack of exit button is supposed to be changed

Feerick: Right, he also didnt even talk to me about htis

Feerick: I wasnt even on the email

Feerick: I just got a heads up about it from the designer i’m working with

Stavnes: Everything is different .

Claxton: He should have talked to you first

Feerick: Hm, the screenshots were taken on different computers

Santin: Instead of run and tell with the boss

Mellen: Only schmucks run and tell to the boss

Feerick: Also ones a mockup and ones actual content

Ettienne: I’d also recommend not to reveal identifying information about your employer or the project in these screenshots that you’re linking :

Feerick: Snhu is uh, not actually my employer

Feerick: I was hired as a c++ programmer

Feerick: And now i’m being judged on my ability to do css

Bolejack: Maybe they saw “+” as “s”

Rizor: Tcsc: that does sound infuriating

Rizor: Tcsc: incidentally, have you seen CSSFPS?

Moodie: Pivoting always happens tbh, i never did “only what my title said i’d do”, but when people were judging my work they were at least taking that into consideration!

Amezaga: Css isn’t hard, but it does take a lot of practice to nail to be able to instantly nail it cross browser though its much easier today than it used to be

Hefty: You should update your work asap though

Oharroll: Rizor: i hope it’s not as horrible as I imagine it to be

Overpeck: Just not to leave with a bad impression

Feerick: No i’ve already fixed his complaints

Rizor: Contini: I mean it isn’t gonna blow your mind on its own but it’s crazy impressive what this guy has been able to do with pure CSS

Leandro: I interviewed with a fortune 500 company yesterday who said they need a senior developers to come in to save a team of 7 developers. I asked what was wrong, and the only example he had was that they couldn’t get ajax to worth with the site

Rizor: Tcsc: what kind of CSS are you being expected to do, exactly? I kinda figured all the game stuff you were doing would involve webgl

Guinto: Things like jquery actually make it harder to right fast cross-browser css though. because they are trying to be helpful when user agent sniffing and injecting a bunch of crap to further differentiate browsers

Feerick: Rizor: most of the time it is

Feerick: But i got put on this project because one of our other engineers was moved

Feerick: And it’s like basically a glorified slideshow

Feerick: I had 2 days to do this whole thing fwiw, and theres a lot more thats not in that image

Feerick: Those were like 15 hour days though :/

Galipeau: Rather, JSDoc: yay or nay

Feerick: Rizor: i’m way more comfortable in webgl than css too

Leandro: Extra frustrating to go out of your way to get it done, than have it blow up on you

Feerick: Well it would probably be worse to not have it done

Feerick: Opengl isn’t the nicest api but i’m more familiar with it

Rizor: It’s impressive what modern CSS can do but yeah, it’s a pain to work with because it doesn’t follow logical programming rules

Rizor: It’s like, here memorize all these bizarro properties HAVE FUN

Feerick: Its hard to guarantee quality with css

Feerick: Like if you want this to look perfect its just really really hard

Pallante: I hate cross-browser css issues way more than html or javascript cross-browser issues

Rizor: I find using a precompiler helps make it more sane

Wyers: They justu don’t make any sense