These both work with the.

Montross: Javascript518 also you can use the break; statement to exit loops when you want to, see for more info

Merkling: Still having an issue with this. Was able to fix the parameters in the While loop, but now it’s not functioning as intended. Instead of looping until the user inputs a matching string, it just closes and seems to lag the hell out of chrome

Creach: Noob321: I would avoid using while loops like this, too easy to cause infinite loops

Rathgeb: And you should automate your code a bit and split things into functions

Phlieger: It becomes difficult to reason about it with all the if/else if/else conditions

Degenhart: E.g. if “rock”,”paper”,”scissors”.indexOfuserChoice = 0 { do stuff }

Wozney: Putting your choices in a structure such as an array makes it easy to do things

Bolerjack: Monomon, even better, at least for this rock paper scissors is to use an object

Ruel: What would be a better way to get to the same end goal of that While function? And sorry, I know it’s pretty sloppy code but this is the first time I’ve ever coded anything.

Bea: Noob321: ok no problem, I can walk you through this

Ankersen: Bolerjack: not sure what your idea is, but I guess it can work

Bolerjack: To encode the results in an object

Samide: I was talking earlier about the possible choices

Burrell: Can you change a global variable in a While function? Or am I missing something else?

Bolerjack: The obejct contains the possible choices *AND* the results

Apel: Bolerjack: there’s many ways to turn this pancake :

Thoby: Noob321: sure you can, but that is not your problem

Saka: You are causing an infinite loop somewhere, which repeatedly calls the same thing

Salfelder: That’s why the browser gets stuck

Bolerjack: Osbon, Noob321, this is what I meant basically

Bolerjack: Then you can randomize Object.keysgames for a computer

Stgermain: I haven’t gotten into objects yet. I can’t seem to find what is causing this infinite loop. I know it’s the While function on line 2, but not sure where the problem is within it.

Bolerjack: That’s for the computer

Fanny: Noob321: give me a couple moments to write it up

Capparelli: Noob321: imagine userChoice is set to “scissors”; then what is the value of userChoice !== “scissors” ?

Mayotte: UserChoice !== “scissors”

Geraldes: It’d be true, and the While function wouldn’t run, right?

Nedman: That’s not the whole condition

Beers: Var userChoice = “scissors”; userChoice !== “scissors”

Wakley: Deltab: boolean false

Scurci: Var userChoice = “scissors”; userChoice !== “paper”

Rodenizer: Var userChoice = “scissors”; userChoice !== “rock”

Hartle: The condition is true, so the loop continues

Falkenhagen: Deltab is right, you need to && the conditions in this case

Querry: Noob321: let’s start with the basics,console,output

Boschee: Doesn’t work as OR? I figured it would check if userChoice !== “paper”, then “scissors” and if none were true the While function ran.

Vlahos: Noob321: no, for negative conditions you need to && them

Edgerly: Because it will always be different from at least two of them

Wienert: But anyway, should we organize your code a bit?

Shantz: Https://,console,output

Oldfather: We stat by extracting our operations into functions

Youngquist: So you have getRandomChoice and isValidEntry

Em: These both work with the collection of possible choices that you create