There’s a lot of copying.

Purter: So shouldn’t this work?,console

Obremski: Console.log “?t?t?t?”, a, b, c, d ; of some sort?

Reineck: TyrfingMjolnir: in node you can do console.log’%s %s %s’, a, b, c

Reineck: TyrfingMjolnir: but I’ve noticed it doesn’t work in browsers, so your mileage may vary

Daughtery: TyrfingMjolnir: The console is a browser specific thing but chrome accepts: console.log’%st%st%st’,a, b, c

Batistich: Never really cared about browsers myself ;-p

Elvis: You can also just p*** multple arguments to console.log

Capen: TyrfingMjolnir You can even use colors by doing: console.log’%c%st%st%st’,’color: pink’, a, b, c

Elvis: Without a format string

Dehaas: Most the stuff I do in JS is NodeJS in a SmartOS zone

Penkins: Rcyr: Thanks, but that is too fancy

Reineck: Yeah that sprintf style formatting oughta work then :

Migliorisi: This is what I came for: console.log’%st%st%st’,a, b, c

Laurenza: Anyone looking for full-time remote work ?

Rioseco: Jsmth12aa what does it entail?

Liberato: Nodist: angular, mostly

Atiyeh: Nishio: that’s a question for you

Rzasa: What is a nil/null value accepted for date?

Barriger: How can I cast a var to timestamp and give it a valid empty value?

Hankey: TyrfingMjolnir: Start with C++

Behner: Which empty values can I use in JS?

Grieme: Anyone here use selenium to run their acceptance tests?

Sada: How do I monitor a node script from XCode Instruments?

Omullan: Boogyman: I’m running java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.14.0.jar in my console but i want my console to be free after, do you know how to do that?

Harvilicz: Hmm. like when i press ctrl c it stops it

Hershelman: I don’t want to be able to stop it

Sandison: I wanna keep that ish running

Hampe: You would need to import the jar and re-write the keymap towards the “quit” command

Skilling: Inport the jar, rewrite the keymap towars the quit command. okie doke

Galinol: Yeah cuz otherwise i need to open 1 console to run that, and another console to run my tests right?

Wileczek: I would still ask why you want to modify the service though. because that’s what the jar enables

Liszewski: Ah because maybe i don’t know the proper way to use it for acceptance testing. Basically I run it in one consolle

Dalley: Then open another console to run my test

Blumenkranz: What is the correct method of running a shell command? eg., /usr/local/bin/sudos/

Goyette: Kellytk, or run it with sh

Constantine: Goyette: From within some JS in a Node.js app I’d like to execute a shell command

Scullion: Kellytk:

Goyette: Https://

Atienza: Impaloo: This is similar to child_process.exec except it does not execute a subshell but rather the specified file directly. I must call sudo /usr/local/bin/sudos/ so I don’t believe this is the right function for my needs

Bellow: I could run a local shell script that calls that actually

Naftzinger: Is it possible to name capture groups with regex? like I want the resulting match object to contain a key that correspends with a capture group

Hankey: Macwinner: I don’t think JS has that yet.

Urive: Dunno. thought it might be a feature of regex’s in general

Hankey: Everyone implements their own version

Hankey: There’s a lot of copying obviously but sadly people aren’t smart enough to keep up with perl =