There might be a better way.

Stuchlik: But it has to be in ${x}, I thought, guess I’m confused

Stuchlik: Fair – i’ll stick with quotes for now then

Ok: Nasalroad Thanks! Damned codeacademy

Tenorio: Baxx: you probably want console.log”foo %O”, object. But that’s not supported everywhere. See

Stuchlik: Dekok: cool – yeah I guess using string formatting is more explicit / better approach

Rivette: Baxx: not just more explicit. There’s absolutely no way of interacting with the value in the console if you don’t use that.

Burnison: For example, if you type do***ent.body in the console, Chrome will show you an expandable tree of properties. You can’t get that same tree by using “console.log${do***ent.body}”, only with “console.log”%o”, do***ent.body”

Stuchlik: Dekok: I’ll read into it thanks : I’ve just been doing basic stuff like console.logthis.x = ${this.x}

Mammoccio: I posted to stack :

Schimming: Can anyone explain this one?

Laviolette: Schimming: ToInt32NaN is 0, ~0 is -1

Whisenhunt: Schimming:

Brauning: Schimming:

Schimming: Ah okay because NumberNaN is still NaN

Trumbo: Need some help with this issue please . requires inspector or firebug turned on . the question is how to iterate over js dates that involve a DST change in between, ideally without involving a 3rd party library

Sawyer: Can anyone help me call a function from this plugin, i have pasted all of my client code and link to the un-minified plugin script here:

Sawyer: I really need help with this, I was thinking I could just call the plugins method from within the ready_callback when i initialize the plugin

Wakley: Frogdr: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Hisrich: Are any websites recommended for learning Javascript? My end goal is to make a Google Chrome extension.

Worthington: I have some prior experience in programming – lua, some PHP, Haxe very similar to Java

Daza: Frogdr, have you tried things like codecademy etc?

Wakley: Frogdr: Eloquent JavaScript is a comprehensive introductory Web-based book with examples and a built-in interpreter.

Gaydosh: Guessx, I might try that, but last time I went on there it seemed more geared towards first time programmers.

Womer: Thanks rcyr! I’ll read it right now.

Sawyer: Here’s a fiddle with the plugin loaded and a super basic example in there

Sawyer: Http://

Sawyer: I want to use a JS call to start the walkthrough not the button/tab click.

Locke: You sure there is no method for this?

Kazmi: Hello,. is there anyway to workaround the “no Access-Control-Allow-Origin” header in local dev?

Merdian: Nevermind I can’t read anything right now

Sknerski: Ahmed90, maybe disable SOP?

Sherbert: Http://

Loudermelt: MinusFour its 3rd party api not local :9

Caminos: The same origin policy is enforced by your browser

Sawyer: Cannap: yes thank you!

Sawyer: Cannap: you are the best!

Snaples: Check the docs next time

Alben: Try running chrome with –disable-web-security

Sawyer: Cannap: i looked in the docs a lot. where did you find it?

Shuttlesworth: Ah i found it on github issues haha

Cooks: Https://

Wintringham: There might be a better way though