There might already be.

Alferez: Theres another couple things you should change for that

Stuchlik: Thought I had to click on ‘one’ of them and it was hard to tell with so many

Stuchlik: It works fine in Firefox though

Solies: You should always do debug visualizations when you do game development or stuff like it

Bisset: It’s as important as writing tests in other areas.

Enge: Window.onSeeReady = function{

Heidemann: Window.setTimeout function {

Askari: Var user = _See.config.user;

Sewade: Tests are hard to write for games

Tegethoff: Why does this get executed on page load –

Stuchlik: Tcsc: still doesn’t work with chrome

Hero: Shouldn’t it only fire when I call onSeeRead

Stuchlik: Cool that jsfiddle can go full screen though

Schimming: Epic combobreaker tcsc

Schimming: That paste was 6 lines

Schimming: You got in there after #5

Leinwand: Baxx: thats very strange.

Greaves: Just the debug renderer doesnt?

Stuchlik: Not sure if you want version info or anything, works with firefox tho

Stuchlik: Yeah the particles are bobbing about

Zuehlsdorff: Are you on linux or something?

Antuna: Works on mac and win for me.

Stuchlik: Yeah Linux, though isn’t it all browser stuff ?

Gherman: You can see the debug renderer by setting DEBUG_RENDERER to true in the code. it’s like halfway down

Stuchlik: Thought this was the run anywhere dream

Palone: Baxx: nah, linux chrome is behind the rest of them usually

Sebers: Maybe i do something that only works on recent browsers

Salano: Or maybe linux has different keyCode values

Stuchlik: Tcsc: keycode info for 1

Doubrava: Browsers do stuff differently though.

Casagranda: Obviously, otherwise it wouldnt work in firefox either

Okano: Either way it’s not production code, and it’s only the debugging code, so i dont care a ton tbh. you can enable/disable the debug renderer with the DEBUG_RENDERER variable

Yuenger: Does pausing via escape work in chrome?

Stuchlik: Oh yeah, no I’m not fussed it works in firefox so that’s cool

Juaire: W/e. not terribly worried

Ellamar: That’s a shame it doesn’t run better on your computer

Alliman: What is a good pattern for validating arguments p***ed to a function, such that, if it’s an array, consider it valid, if it’s a string, convert it to a single-length array, if it’s missing, throw an error, and if it’s something else, throw a different error. Is there a better way

Alliman: Than if, else, else ?

Stuchlik: No it’s not a priority, Im not fussed I just didn’t know if it was info worth while for you

Mulkins: To write the code that does that

Stuchlik: I can use firefox fine

Riska: Alliman: why don’t you just make it take arrays and error on anything else?

Stuchlik: I’ll try apt-get distupgrade, haven’t done that for a bit

Alliman: Zomg: It would be nice if it’s a little more friendly. I’m mainly just interested if there is a nice pattern for this that I haven’t thought of

Riska: Alliman: if by friendly you mean it can take multiple kinds of params. that’s not really friendly, it’s confusing for people not so familiar with it because they see it take all kinds of things, so which kind of thing are they supposed to use?

Riska: Alliman: anyway, you could probably write some functions to validate values are of certain type whhich would throw errors if it isn’t

Riska: So you could do for example function fooa { requireArraya; your other code; }

Riska: There might already be libraries for this purpose