There is this though,.

Wedman: My javascript regexp replace nightmare is over now

Luth: Thanks for the help :

Myerscough: Sorry, anyways I;m actually kind of stoked – the buy for made it through and we got so I can finally work on logos

Myerscough: Have a whole bunch of domains and work to be done – in anyone is interested in joining a team as a founder

Myerscough: Msg me I’m working on logo

Myerscough: For Eilondeco, which is the hub, and that set of stickers from thesticker guy

Beermudez: I’m looking for a static ****ysis tool for javascript, any recommendations?

Birman: That looks like a linter

Reineck: Which is done using static ****ysis 😛

Reineck: Maybe you can elaborate on what kind of features you’re looking for?

Bandemer: Sorry, i should have been more specific

Bosa: I’m looking for something that provides faux type annotations

Otoole: Basically i just want something to warn me if i’ve misspelled an object property name

Craun: Flow is a think i’ve heard people use.

Vafiadis: It’s pretty much flow or typescript

Vafiadis: There isn’t anything else out there I know of that’s mature

Kemery: Cool, flow looks less intrusive

Reineck: There is this but yeah not sure about how stable it is

Baugatz: I’m trying to get something hopefully approved in a corporate environment and i know TS has different syntax

Reineck: Infernu has full type inference support which is nice

Vafiadis: Eh, they both take not-quite-js and compile it to js. typescript just gives you more features along with the type annotations

Chute: It looks like flow compiles exactly-js to js

Makey: Oh, but you can put colons in

Reineck: TypeScript should be easy in a corp env

Vafiadis: Well, not really, as the type annotations are not exactly js

Reineck: It’s made by Microsoft afterall

Tigue: Zomg: maybe i should take that line with them

Vafiadis: And typescript syntax is essentially identical to js, plus some ES6 and a few optional additional features

Jenifer: Are types an ES6 feature?

Vafiadis: No. possibly ES7, we’ll see

Vafiadis: There has been noise about it

Andreas: I mean i guess es4 had them.

Vafiadis: It’ll probably turn out to be just that: noise

Skog: It’s funny that facebook has made flow considering what they’ve done with PHP in the past

Vafiadis: But ES7 DOES have decorators, in the style that we originally saw in TS

Vafiadis: Anyway, even babel is being used in production these days by some pretty big companies

Vafiadis: But that’s just for es6/7 though it is flow-compatible

Vafiadis: For types: you’re basically looking at flow or TS

Vafiadis: The main benefit to TS over flow is that the TS compiler can be run in pure js, whereas flow is this native-run thing

Bank: The other thing to keep in mind is that we’re also using coffeescript

Vafiadis: I don’t know if coffeescript will work with flow at all

Leider: Well, it compiles to javascript, so

Barninger: And comments can be preserved

Vafiadis: Right, but the type annotations would break it, and the coffeescript syntax would break flow

Taran: The type annotations would break what? the coffeescript compiler?

Chaparro: I was thinking of avoiding type annotations anyway, though

Azbell: That or convincing everyone to move back to javascript, which should be fun

Vafiadis: Yeah. unless they’ve added a flow compatibility thing like babel has

Vafiadis: There is this though, interesting