There is this question that.

Greenhalgh: Well, I’ve looked at it from time to time

Nazzal: And tinkered with small things

Ulerio: But c++ was never really a need for me.

Wilfong: Although, someone trying to get me to work with it did blast off about how “IT SUPPORTS STRINGS, MAN.”

Ornelaz: C is a better language, but 99% of c code works in c++, and c++ does have some improvements.

Strattman: I find C simple… Logical.

Ornelaz: Yeah i mean it does, but std::string is not really something you want to use

Masella: Jeffreylevesque: “application/octet-stream” is the “i don’t know what the hell it is” mime type. and csv’s proposed mime type is “text/csv”

Ornelaz: If you care about performance

Hutchcraft: Lol… I’m a performance fiend.

Ornelaz: And presumably you wouldn’t use these languages if you didnt

Crimi: If std::string is performance impacting, it seems counterproductive.

Masella: Jeffreylevesque: json is either application/json or text/json, i don’t think there’s consensus either way. more likely the latter

Bloemker: Howcome the fiddle didn’t pick up anything?

Masella: Anonola: being a performance fiend is optimizing for the wrong part of the development equation

Ornelaz: A lot of parts of the stl are counterproductive. you dont need to use them though.

Masella: Jeffreylevesque: likely because your OS doesn’t declare those mime types?

Olckhart: Actually, I can’t disagree with you there. I find myself getting caught up more often than not focusing on performance and not getting the rest of the **** done that I need to. ;D

Ornelaz: Yeah you shouldn’t worry about performance in the small usually until the end

Ornelaz: That said. it’s very hard and errorprone to remove std::string usage from a codebase

Duplechin: Well, problem is… a majority of my developments are going in to production with 100k+ users… lol

Bristol: Masella: would you happen to know how i can do this? on linux based machines its on /etc/mime.types? But, i’m on a windows machine, and it’s a virtualbox Virtual machine port forwarding to the host my laptop

Patajo: So not worrying about it gets at least 40k feet up my ***.

Masella: Jeffreylevesque: ask ##windows perhaps

Ornelaz: I also dont know that std::string is as unsuitable for something like a server

Dynes: I’m only 5’7” – fitting 40k feet in my *** makes for an awkward and uncomfortable position on both sides of the feet.

Masella: Jeffreylevesque: but also, if that’s a requirement for people to use your app, that’s likely insurmountable

Tudisco: I asked earlier today: and they said there is no equivalent to /etc/mime.types in windows

Vanderploeg: Masella, you mean i shouldn’t validate mimetypes on the front end?

Masella: Jeffreylevesque: since you already know how to spoof mime types in linux, my guess is yes

Wolgamot: Masella: i was doing validation on front end and back

Furby: I tried to spoof a mime type once. she slapped me in the face in the middle of the french quarter in new orleans. =

Vandercook: Hey everyone should i learn node or go

Bordenkircher: Brb – smoke break. ;x

Heneisen: Masella: what do you recommend

Masella: MrNIH: what do you intend to do?

Masella: What do you currently know?

Reola: I know some javascript

Masella: Have you been programming long then?

Luhr: Sorta, about 2 years or so

Masella: Then i’d probably go with node

Cologie: Woot, time to learn node then :

Nidiffer: There is this question that has been torturing me for this last 3 days I wonder where in fair world where Californian sunshine is desired by most foreigners, these immigrants who move to US to pursuit their American dreams and those celebrities that can’t stand this attention that comes with fame anymore my school would want me to re-implement this every function by using reduce is what I find to be disturbing o_O