Then use a setTimeout.

Misek: Duke: I didn’t understand your message “the supported views have implications for your data sometimes Keavon so it’s worth thinking about”

Harnly: Krambal, did you check the console?

Harnly: Did you include jQuery?

Damewood: Keavon: i mean it isn’t necessarily a premature optimization

Keany: Keavon: it’s good to be thoughtful about your design

Harnly: Krambal, doesn’t look like it, this is what I get: Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

Suttin: You didn’t set jquery

Aultz: Duke: Yeah, I like to think ahead with my designs it’s been a pain collaborating with some people who completely don’t think about anything ahead. But in this case, I think it should be realtively easy to change if performance is a problem.

Harnly: Btw that toghether link doesn’t work well for me, do you have a regular link? I can’t even fork it

Harnly: Krambal, works here

Cone: I think he wants to have each div hide and then show in sequence

Harnly: Delay, fade, etc are async, for loops are sync

Harnly: You can use jQuery’s queue

Fellinger: Grrr can’t figure out how to use this apply to make this work out :-/ could someone help

Harnly: AramKaram, what do you expect, you don’t p*** any arguments .

Puddephatt: Harnly you are right :-/ I p***ed them but still didn’t work lol

Demauro: Its supposed to show them one at a time

Suttin: Krambal, of course not

Harnly: Krthey are already shown from the start

Suttin: You would need to put a different delay for each

Devenport: Suttin, what od you mean

Suttin: AramKaram, what did you p***?

Hillered: Ahhg : Suttin I changed it as such but still no luck! :

Harnly: AramKaram, still no function is p***ed

Harnly: What do you expect to happen

Suttin: AramKaram, the argument doesn’t match

Suttin: Test”different”, “name”, obj.setFullName.bindobj;

Suttin: Oh right, you already send obj

Stoneham: So how would i change the delay on the fade in ?

Suttin: AramKaram, setFullName doesn’t have any arguments

Pucio: Ahh Im all confused about these apply, call and bind, let me actually do a little more reading before even attempting this :-/ cause this doesn’t seem to make sense to me as of now :-/

Suttin: AramKaram,

Suttin: F.applytheObject, anArrayHere

Holahan: Suttin ahh I see now, thanks for clarification :

Suttin: So if you do f.applybla, 1,2,3 it will be like f.callbla,1,2,3 or bla.f1,2,3 if f is a property of bla.

Baiz: Is it faster to append to a string or the DOM?

Palys: Bla is going to me this context right?

Fatigate: Makes sense, thanks for that yansanmo

Raw: Pae: is there an easy way to do that? I remember there was a site for it but I don’t remember what it was called.

Pae: Keavon: every browser has it built-in now

Harnly: Krambal, you don’t need ids though, just indices

Harnly: You can do that with plain JS and CSS transitions

Rawicki: Someone suggested i do the ids

Lambrakis: Suttin Ive one more question if you could help please, Ive been smashing my head for a few days already to understand how this works Ive looked this function a lot and still can tell at which point and most importantly *how* variable wasFound turns true from false ?

Harnly: Krambal, nah, if you want to fade out the words in order, index is enough. Give your divs a common cl*** that’s more descriptive than “hide”, say “word”, and then have “word-visible” and “word-hidden”

Harnly: Then use a setTimeout recursively and increase the index each time