The vm is really easy to.

Ingran: It seems very much to me you’re looking for a game api

Blash: Hagb4rd: it requires you to ****yse the syntactic structure of the phrase and cl***ify each token, then figure out the meaning, and finally figure out how to turn that into actions in the game. It’s pretty complicated, and in some cases it gets awkward because it needs to disambiguate, but disambiguation is as complex as you make your input language

Fritzpatrick: Rou: what would be hard to do without loops?

Mikos: Anything that would be conditional after initialization?

Fritzpatrick: Rou: ‘if’ isn’t a loop :

Enwright: Neonakis: yep. lingu bots. AI. can get pretty complicated.

Fribley: Surprisingly, many people call “if” a loop though 😀

Mikos: But how is it consistently checking that conditional?

Fritzpatrick: Rou: what do you mean by “consistently”?

Mikos: As in, after initialization

Fritzpatrick: Rou: same is it would any other time

Snowdeal: Here i can explain. he wants the gms to setup rules for a game for instance.

Novellino: Rou probably wants to let people write “mods.”

Mikos: So the server is running through and checking every single conditional the player has written every frame?

Hartinger: A programming language would be of course predestined for such issue.

Mikos: Neonakis: Pretty much, yeah.

Fritzpatrick: Rou: Does it need to?

Towsend: And there you need conditional. boolean algebra and stuff.

Mikos: Dash: No, that’s what I’d be trying to avoid.

Kalawe: Must not be turing complete.

Disilvestro: It doesn’t need to be turing complete. It’s just easier to make it so

Fritzpatrick: Rou: When do you want to do it, then?

Aswegan: Rou: you don’t really need loops. You need to be able to react to different changes in data/actions/etc

Fritzpatrick: Loops over collections are handy.

Charping: You can have iteration, or some logic framework

Schones: But anyway, any general purpose language will work, but will be hard to secure/sandbox. Any domain-specific language for your thingie will have to be written by you, it’s easier to secure/sandbox, but more work.

Mikos: Like I want the admin/scripter to be able to turn the game into mario or pong if they want, but not be able to change anything outside the scope of that player-hosted instance.

Musto: Rou: check out “contextify”

Mikos: Neonakis: So I could interpret a sandboxed proprietary scripting language syntatically similar to javascript, using javascript?

Falha: Rou: is some ***hole comes by and pwns one of your virtual machines running one of these player-code running instance will it be the end of the world?

Falha: If not, just use some container technology, bin pack these on some aws instances and call it a day

Abplanalp: They can only smash client code

Falha: I thought we were talking about running untrusted client provided javascript

Agular: Rou: you just need to write an interpreter for it. But again, making a secure and fast interpreter for something like JS is going to be quite a lot of work, if you’re writing it yourself.

Schlote: Specially if you’re writing such interpreter in JS itself

Falha: Actually I’d loooove to see someone port a Shovel VM to JS

Falha: But its probably not even possible

Dozal: Falha: you can port anything to JS

Falha: Well actually I don’t see why it isn’t, so yeah something like shovel would be cool

Mikos: Neonakis: Which basically goes back to my original question as to whether a framework exists for an already existed embedded programming language that would make interpreting significantly easiar for someone like me?

Falha: Its a C# thing go find it

Falha: The vm is really easy to read