Thats better than it used.

Elvis: Can gdb go backwards?

Defusco: Hannibal_Smith: oh neat

Arterbury: That tonicdev stuff is pretty sweet

Pawlicki: Gdb is really a great debugger, is that is get bad reputation on some internet places

Kopczyk: But is one of the most powerful debugger that you can find

Elvis: It’s not that i don’t think gdb is impressive, but i just think debugging without being able to see the values is really lacking

Klapec: Tcsc, what do you mean?

Elvis: Its one of those areas where a GUI makes a world of difference

Yeubanks: Tcsc, well gdb has a lot of different ui

Lindfors: Just pick one of that you like

Elvis: Last i tried they were all crap

Elvis: I tried the one in emacs and i think the one in qtcreator

Schoenmaker: Try the one integrated into Qt creator, or KDevelop

Elvis: The one in qtcreator can’t handle unions

Gorley: If you are on Linux KDevelop, as it don’t work on other platform

Elvis: Or maybe it was just anonymous unions

Elvis: Either way i couldn’t debug a vector2 struct

Bresette: Qt Creator doesn’t have its own debugger

Elvis: Which was uh, a pretty big problem

Seidling: You need to install an external one

Elvis: It uses gdb though, right?

Mastin: It can use gdb or VC++ or anything else

Campbel: Tcsc, yes I was talking about gdb interfaces

Elvis: I’ll be honest, this was a few years ago

Elvis: It was on linux though, so it wasn’t vc++

Germany: Propably just gdb then

Monestine: Tcsc, give a try to both and see if you can change your mind

Nadell: Recently also Eclipse CDT improved its gdb support, but never tried a recent version of it

Elvis: I mean i ended up using gdb and getting okay at it, i still think it’s seriously lacking compared to a visual debugger

Beltrami: Tcsc, do you know about gdb – tui

Poplar: Is not really great, but maybe you will like it better then the “vanilla” gdb interface

Elvis: I’ll look into it next time

Elvis: Honestly, i think that debggers need to move towards better visualizations though.

Heynen: Hello guys, does anyone know why i’m getting “undefined” here: ? Thank u

Manlove: Atomicb0mb, city.find is undefined

Eyler: Anyone know of a nifty way to p**** a query string as a json array I’m trying to p**** what twitter does #access_token=.

Everton: Yes. but why ? If i only use console.logfind it will return all the properties of my object.

Lidie: But i want the values of all my properties.

Carbone: Ooh nm

Carmichel: Atomicb0mb, It’s the way you’re trying to access the property. city.find looks for the property named ‘find’. if you want to look for the property of the VALUE of find then you need to access using it’s key

Trane: Atomicb0mb,

Koretsky: Oh. how could i miss that! thank you Literphor =

Mate: Frary:

Thomsen: How can I iterate through every number before a number? number = 10, I want to iterate through 1,2,3,4,5 etc

Malmanger: Tcsc, just tried to see how Qt creator gdb interface handles union, and it handels as one expect from C and C++ union: it list all pretty printed members

Elvis: Hannibal_Smith: one minute, i’ll see if I can find the one it had issues with

Elvis: Hannibal_Smith: that was the basic idea

Shekarchi: Tcsc,

Elvis: Thats better than it used to be