That’s an interesting.

Tribbey: MinusFour: which one have you doneß?

Nasalroad: What is the url of citadel ?

Lalim: Well, i did asm programs for this microcontroller:

Nassef: Https://

Hrycko: Hi, i am trying to use the .load method in jquery bu i keep getting a 404 file no found fo the file im trying to load even though i can see it, here my code

Starke: Have i written it correctly?

Netti: Schaetzle:oh man I’m looking at the source for the chrome extension and it is hard to tell what’s needed lol

Messan: The code generation is usually not the hardest part of a compiler so idk if i’d say focusing on asm is that worthwhile

Moscrip: Familiarity with x86 is definitely useful for a lot of things though.

Muhlbauer: Yeah, code generation is usually very simple

Wickwire: You do need to know the architecture/thing you’re compiling to though

Ziebell: So you can make decisions like “how do I best use these registers?” or “how to best p*** these arguments in the stack?”

Lotter: Hi, i am trying to use the .load method in jquery bu i keep getting a 404 file no found fo the file im trying to load even though i can see it, here my code

Tharaldson: Also there are just a lot of situations when you might run into x86 code if you’re doing anything moderately low level

Sibbett: These v8 compilers, they got to be crazy fast right?

Khalid: They take almost nothing to run the code

Pressley: The first one is very fast. the optimized one is slower.

Wehrli: The generated code is the other way around.

Sanko: Why would you want to

Flyzik: Just to test the performance gains

Crolley: Your code will be slower

Melchin: The compiler itself will be faster

Dipasquale: And you can’t turn off either.

Hanninen: Although theres no reason the 2nd couldn’t be disabled, i guess

Rigsby: It would just make everything slower.

Liptrot: Can jquery even loads hbs files like the ways i have attempted?

Sallach: Well, it’d be just an experiment

Christinat: See how long it takes to produce prime numbers

Krainbucher: MinusFour: if you really wanted to there might be some way you can start chrome with those flags

Inocencio: MinusFour: if you start chrome with chrome –js-flags=”–crankshaft=false” that might do it.

Neiderhiser: Again, it will make everything slower.

Friedrick: That is for the second compiler?

Gershkovich: That turns off the second compiler

Bellair: Which is named crankshaft

Nelligan: Node –crankshaft=false should have the same effect.

Krukowski: Huh. well i must have done something wrong

Timms: Error: illegal value for flag –crankshaft=false of type bool

Vandenberge: Tbh, every flag i’ve used with v8 has been turning things on.

Gerweck: But not in the same way other things are cached

Gaw: Compiled code gets its own little space in the heap, and the GC touches it very rarely

Moises: MinusFour: maybe –nocrankshaft

Fetchko: And apparently there are compiler bugs where the GC will collect optimised code it shouldn’t 😀

Agredano: Both flags seem to do something

Harrell: They could both work.

Southworth: MinusFour: if you’re interested in how they work, is a good article on the architecture.

Ehigiator: That blog has a lot of articles on v8 and vm architecture, actually.

Rovelto: Nasalroad and MinusFour

Bon: That’s an interesting lectureu