That chart says 0.

Gastello: Is there any online easy fast tutorial etc? any material etc to learn. thanks codeacademy is slow.

Gastello: I gave up after 2-3 lessons.

Gastello: Because it was very very slow. i think. Salquero. checking. thanks

Gastello: Banwell by slow i meant . only one thing at a time. also let say i want to search something like i do on a dictionary for a word etc. it does not work like that

Banwell: You Don’t Know JS is also good —

Banwell: And is also a github repo so you can just read snippets or search if that’s more your jam

Gastello: Bookmarked both. thanks yoshokatana

Hatlee: Smgs, You could check out khan academy as well. I haven’t personally used it, but it might be useful to you.

Gerrero: Samssh:,,,,

Gastello: That is enough for today,

Sambrook: Anybody have some tips how to use ES6 when using autorealod features of e.g. pm2?

Michaelis: I have a job interview this coming Thursday and one of the things they use is AngularJS. I’ve heard of it but I haven’t used it before; any tips before I dive in?

Unnold: Highlight me in your responses please

Arbaugh: At the company I work at I got us up and running with Angular. I really regret that decision

Herrud: I really don’t have a choice in the matter; it’s already set up and they have a large codebase on it

Arbaugh: Kaedenn: there is an angular channel with ~700 people in it usually

Kohus: Is it #angular? #angularjs?

Sambrook: Kaedenn: it’s generally agreed that angular is just for very simple things. but angular2 ought to be better.

Faubert: Thanks, I’ll move my discussion there.

Leandro: So far as I can tell, angular2 will be generally unusable outside mobile for a several years

Leandro: They’re not even supporting IE10

Sturwold: Fooey, IE10 has a lower average usage than 8, 9, and 11. So I’m thinking that once we drop IE9, 10 will fall at the same time.

Leandro: Sure, but how many years out is that?

Bryton: Http://–sets–huge–edict-for-jan–2016.html

Leandro: Guess a lot depends on how well Win10 is adopted

Pelissier: After Jan 2016, MS will only support IE9 on Vista, and 10 on Server 2012.

Leandro: I’ll be ecstatic when all the browsers are evergreen, but I think that’s a while away still

Baggott: Vista has a very small base, and Server isn’t exactly a desktop OS.

Sambrook: Doesn’t windows usually come in 10 different versions?

Eure: Sambrook, Well, a couple anyway.

Leandro: Http://

Leandro: IE’s lower all around than I was expecting according to them

Leandro: Wish they had them separated by desktop/mobile though

Sambrook: Fooey: what kind of feature is usage-table ?

Poaipuni: Another thing to pay attention to is your usebase location.

Sambrook: Oh, is that the browsers accessing caniuse?

Leandro: That’s the data autoprefixer uses, but I still set it to ie8+

Kienzle: Http://

Sambrook: It’s good to see that there are no major browsers anymore that do not use autoupdating by default minus Safari, meh

Croff: The US uses IE more than the global average.

Sambrook: Samssh: but they will all use edge pretty soo, no?

Leandro: So far, NO ONE anywhere is using edge

Leandro: It’s a pretty bad flop

Leandro: That chart says 0.45%