Tcsc the funny thing is.

Fass: Http:// is there anyway I can get the variable from line 72 from this plugin to on my html file?

Mass: Http:// is there anyway I can get the variable from line 72 from this plugin to on my html file?

Sturges: Mod the plugin and make the var global?

Schaffeld: Can I please get opinions on light-weight client-side ajax libraries? alternatives to $.ajax

Delisa: Does anyone know what’s the status with ASM.JS? How soon will all the major browsers support it?

Rogers: Zak: Just get a “fetch” polyfill

Rummans: I need to consume it in a fairly modular fashion. github’s fetch polyfill isn’t consumeable like that

Mcneely: Zak: It’s a polyfill. it makes sense for it to be global.

Cabreros: I’m using webpack/browserify and I don’t want it to polyfill or impact globals

Pignotti: Then you could use the import/export loaders

Tannehill: Rcyr: yeah, I saw that workaround but i want all browsers to use the same implementation

Gladden: It makes me feel uneasy to know that one browser could use native implementation and a non-native implementation for another

Famiano: Mostly because fetch is technically still experimental

Hing: Stork: i’ll check it out thanks.

Elvis: Is fetch really not fully standardized yet

Kurzyniec: Not according to

Cowdin: Tcsc: There’s no such thing as standardization for web technologies :/

Rochlitz: Tcsc: Once a feature is available for all browsers, you can consider it “standard”

Mccoo: Tcsc: Or you wait for the W3C and you’ll have fetch somewhere in 2035

Finn: Hopefully IE9/IE10 will drop off “all-browsers” soon

Elvis: Well, ie10 support is impossible for most of what i do anyway, but ie11 is still trash.

Elvis: Either way didn’t the file writer api get implemented everywhere then scrapped?

Minix: I don’t know if _any_ browser has it enabled

Thurgood: Tcsc: Wow, you don’t even need to toggle a flag that is disabled by default to use it?

Elvis: Pretty sure you don’t

Elvis: I havent used it recently

Elvis: Its not arbitrary file access

Elvis: It’s sandboxed to the point of not being that useful anymore file access

Carhart: Ommggg Ill lose it right now lol I can’t seem to understand this simple recursive factorial function for about like 3 hours.

Elvis: I mean it’s not that surprising it’s deprecated, given that most of what it did can be replaced with indexeddb or object urls

Wiss: Anyone?

Mulry: RonRichie: But recursion loves you.

Elvis: RonRichie: hm. maybe give it a short break? recursion is a little bit subtle.

Elvis: Try implementing factorial without recursion.

Vasey: Rcyr yeah, sorry will officially get engaged :

Sanpson: Tcsc I do that successfully : in fact I even successfully do it recursively, it’s just I don’t understand how it does what it does :-/

Elvis: Well, how about you play the role of js interpreter for a second, and follow what it would have to do to perform factorial3

Elvis: Write it out on paper, so you don’t forget which operations you have to come back to

Elvis: After a funciton call

Geohagan: Tcsc something like this :-/ ?

Dold: Ive been drawing and thinking about this for hours already and every time I try harder it just frustrates me even more :X

Elvis: Yeah, then maybe take like

Deloy: Tcsc the funny thing is that I *used* to understand this concept like 2 weeks ago, I didn’t repeat it and now Im back to not understanding it again :