Straight: Brendan Eich.

Chaidez: Can you help me about why $.mobile.changePage is not working at all in ?

Gershkovich: Ajax is putting something else from somewhere else on your page

Gershkovich: The history api allows you to change the url when doing so

Straight: Gilgameshkun: that’s not accurate at all.

Deasis: Gershkovich: So if the url is changed, the whole page is reloaded?.

Gershkovich: Straight: i hand this off to you

Blust: Eh, I guess I don’t care enough what the specifics are. He donated money towards denying marriage rights to gay people.

Memory: People who do that don’t deserve good publicity until they ask for forgiveness.

Deasis: Gershkovich: I don’t want to change the url, I wanted to detect url change because I thought it was possible that changing url can only trigger AJAX change and don’t reload the whole page, I just wanted if it was a mistake to think this.

Deasis: I just wanted to know*

Yamasaki: I often seen _.something in this javascript code here. is _ standard?

Gimse: The url change thing can be done thru $”body”.ajaxCompletefunction e, xhr, settings {}

Kment: Webpack webpack webpack webpack

Brundrett: I have no idea what’s going on but it seems running npm breaks by network

Straight: Deasis: you can’t detect the url changing. all JS ceases instantly when that happens.

Straight: Gilgameshkun: personal attacks aren’t tolerated here, no matter how warranted you think they are.

Wakley: Nem8: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Wakley: Nem8: Show some code, but don’t paste it on the channel. For frontend code HTML/CSS/JS, you can provide a test case that we can run, so that we can help you: use , , or . For Node.js code, use sites like and .

Linhares: Can someone help a novice with some code? Im attempting to calculate two numbers from checkboxes and output the result but im just getting “NaN” for all operations.

Brautigam: I meant textboxes, not checkboxes.

Nasalroad: Nem8, you need to convert them to number first

Nasalroad: And use the .value not the HTMLInputElement Object

Montazami: Nasalroad: But p****Int converts to number?

Rothhaupt: So i vet a number as variable “tall1” and “tall2”

Kalichman: Not sure what you mean about the HTMLInputElement Object :

Nasalroad: Https://

Hashem: Nasalroad, thanks for the help long time back. it seems i have full accomplished what i had in my mind.

Nasalroad: I’ve removed line 39/40, because they are the value when you start the page, not when you click on it

Hashem: Nasalroad, for learning purpose would it be a good idea to solve first or let say the easiest 25 problems on Projecteuler in JsFiddle ?

Nasalroad: Inside the click handler, beregn function, I fetch the new value each time you click.

Nasalroad: You can use +tall1.value or p****Intdo***ent.getElementById”tall1″.value if you like

Nasalroad: They do almost the same

Niedermeyer: Let me play around a bit and see if i really understand it

Straight: Don’t use p****Int without remembering the radix argument tho

Nasalroad: Tall1 use a HTML5 shortcut. You can use the id name of an element automatically, if the identifier doesn’t already exists in the global scope

Hashem: I copy pasted that paste Nasalroad and tried it open in android mobile. it opened. the input page was file but even after pressing the button there is no result. can i make those codes work on android mobiles? thanks

Doerle: Straight: Brendan Eich isn’t *here*. He’s a public figure.