StoicRounin: If something.

Guler: I’m asking a very easy question

Sakal: At line 178, inside the onComplete callback, does the id exists or not ?

Jarriett: You put a breakpoint at 178, you check in the DOM tree. yes / no ?

Maguire: Yanmorin: tbh, i don’t know how to do that, check as in console.log?

Renfrew: Yanmorin: so i’ve just made a breakpoint at 178

Orizabal: Search the ID in the dom tree

Estela: Is there a way to get the javascript file that generates a JSON file?

Nishio: Harnist: huh? you want the code that makes the JSON you got?

Nishio: What makes you think it’s javascript?

Nishio: How are you getting the JSON?

Nishio: Then no. that’s the entire point

Kudlacik: What do you mean by getting a javascript file

Vafiadis: Zeroquake:

Skildum: Telling browser to download it?

Vafiadis: Zeroquake: there’s a reusable function that’ll do it for you

Gittings: Cherry_lin: I want to figure out how the site generates the JSON

Trescott: This one

Nishio: Harnist: looks like it’s just a plain json file to me

Vafiadis: Zeroquake: forkDupes will take an optionala selector function so you can pick a specific property on an object, otherwise it’ll ***ume the element in the array IS a date you could also make it check if selector is a string and return that object. all kinds of stuff you can do with that

Nishio: Harnist: you can’t. the server generates it or does whatever. that’s why it’s called an API

Devonshire: I’m actually trying to make an API from info this JSON gives by figuring out how it gets its information 😛

Duropan: It says akaunto ? moshiku wa roguin ****e kudasai

Budinich: Please log in and try again

Rendleman: That’s what the error message said when I opened it after being logged out before

Bozarth: I should learn some kanji

Demeo: I’m seeing 200 ms delays in the time it takes for one message to reach another frame

Manivong: While using post message

Nishio: Harnist: your only hope is going to be probing it with requests and seeing what happens. perhaps using wireshark to examine some other client on your network using the API

Flitcroft: I’ll give it a go, thanks

Richmon: That sounds like a hell of a plan

Vafiadis: GoddeR: not unheard of. onMessage has a relatively high priority among event listeners in the event loop, but it still has to wait for the current callstack to clear, and then for any other higher-priority listenrs to execute

Vafiadis: GoddeR: like, say you have two listeners on postMessage, and both A and B post to your current frame while you’re running a function. message B’s handler won’t trigger until your current function finishes, AND until after the listenr for handler A runs

Jessie: Hello, everyone. I’m fairly n00b at javascript and need help with this code:

Stepter: Https://

Mruk: Can anyone take I look and tell me what’s wrong with it, I just need a point in the right direction ;

Aloisi: Hey there, anyone knows what is jasmineRequire in jasmine’s boot.js.

Gural: Hmm it seems that jasmine.js provides for it. but jasmine-html fails to pick it up.

Carualho: Hmm and it seems jasmine is not requirejs friendly

Delarosa: Hello. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this script :

Barajas: Https://

Mate: StoicRounin: If something is only being applied to the ‘last’ one of many, you might have a scoping problem. e.g.: in for i=0; i5; ++i {doXfunction{ doYi; };} doY’ might only receive 5 as a value. You can solve this using closures, so see !closures. For more info see