Stirn: yeah, i mean, we.

Nager: Fooey, at least here I saw very few mentions to Webstorm

Redick: I see much more mentions to Atoms, Sublime or VIM

Leandro: Submlime master race!

Tronnes: Rabble rabble rabble!

Leandro: But yeah, WebStorm seems to be more popular with PHP and Java folks

Feerick: Wow, apparently i might get fired due to the differences between some photoshop file and some css i did? holy **** that’s messed up

Liss: Them java folks seem to love IDEs

Capwell: Hehe

Volmink: Tcsc: can’t be photoshopin stuff

Leandro: Tcsc, that seems a bit of an overreaction

Feerick: I’ve ****ed off our art director, and he’s fired four out of five of our artists in the past 3 months

Leandro: Ahh, the tyrant on the art team, i’ve met him before I think

Feerick: And he sent an email to vp engr, ceo, and my boss saying that my work was unacceptable

Larive: Some of tcsc’s work:

Chason: Tcsc, blame the browsers!

Feerick: Seitzinger: i didnt make the photoshop file

Leandro: Seems to be tons and tons of well paying front end jobs around at least

Holubar: Tcsc, anyway seems like he as pretty much a lot of power in your company

Leandro: Time to update your resume and get ahead of it =

Feerick: Honestly even if i dont get fired for this, and i probably wont

Feerick: I dont want to work here

Leandro: Don’t need that kind of extra stress

Stavnes: Zumba_ad_: I’m not sure what that’s supposed to do, or why you would need a verb to describe it

Turri: Samssh: well it’s understandable but I think people are exaggerating their reactions a lot. people may just not care about intellij going sub rather than nosub. like me

Brezeale: Stavnes: i’m writing an email

Eldredge: Tcsc, just as a curiosity, would you continue to seach work in games that run on the browser

Babitsch: I was confused if I should use prototyping or polyfill

Tahu: Tcsc: just write an email to everyone that says the art director’s work in unacceptable

Levra: I guess, i should just use the word “change”

Remiszewski: Fight fire with fire, as they say

Tatel: 16:41 tcsc i’ve ****ed off our art director, and he’s fired four out of five of our artists in the past 3 months

Feerick: Hannibal_Smith: games in general yeah, but idk about browser

Leandro: No, you gotta go gradeschool on him, write an email that says “well your face is unacceptable!”

Gauss: Tcsc, yes I was curiou about the platform

Feerick: This is the difference in question:

Gruba: I’d recommend talking to the founders or ceo or whatever you have at your company including HR possibly and mention that this person may get rid of the company itself or something

Welcher: Contini, Oh probably. I honestly think the subscription model makes sense from a business standpoint, especially since what you are getting is a limited “license” in the first place.

Feerick: I mean its a small company so its probably noticed

Ausherman: Everything’s going into the sub model anyway

Binger: Contini, However, I do my best to never pay for subscriptions.

Covino: Tcsc, well that’s kind of a big difference to be honest

Trepagnier: Tcsc: hopefully, but sometimes people need to be told repeatedly until they realize “oh **** it’s actually happening”

Ayuso: To be fair, at least they are cheaper than Adobe.

Makinster: I wouldn’t fire anybody just because of that though

Spiers: I’d point out the mistakes

Feerick: Stirn: yeah, i mean, we don’t have a license for the font though