Spuler: what are you.

Forgione: How’s about right then and there doing res.downloadfiles0;

Lekberg: That’s what I’m doing

Loxtercamp: The stuff in the middle is commented out.

Belair: Res.downloadStringfiles0;

Malsam: Res.downloadStringfiles0

Loreg: Honestly dunno if it’ll work because the fact you’re getting all that binary data means that something somewhere is not returning a filename

Shinsky: It gave me the same readout

Overstrom: And your console.log of files0 shows your filename?

Pinell: Blob sounds right to me

Russotto: Is there a way to p**** the blob on the client side?

Arebalo: Forgive my lack of conventional knowledge. I’m unschooled :

Koehly: I’m sure there is but you really shouldn’t need to, first of all .append needs to be more like

Quimet: Let me try that first

Terheggen: Your success function accepts logo but it is previously undefined, no?

Smeal: Got the same readout of characters but now with line breaks using : $’body’.append’img src=”‘ + logo + ‘”‘;

Mckindra: Yes, logo is previously undefined

Modugno: Are you specifying a method in your ajax call

Morici: Doesn’t it default to GET?

Walljasper: No, you were on the right track. honestly you’re definitely getting it

Kamna: Mintmoney: i’ve forwarded your pastie to #jquery and trying to see if I can get help there, try to join in

Bulluck: I’m playing around with jQuery, and have a div cl***=”trash” which is $’.trash’.droppable; In droppable, I’m “listening” for over:functionevent,ui {}. In there, I want to change the cursor to something else. How to do that, what’s the syntax?

Gollhofer: Http://jsfiddle.net/jokke/Lcf3ddhu/5/

Capiga: In http://rackt.github.io/redux/docs/basics/Actions.html it says its better to generate a unique ID everytime something new is created. how would one do that with JS? just a hash?

Mutschler: Is this a correct way to change the cursor while an element is “hovering” over div cl***=”trash”: http://jsfiddle.net/jokke/Lcf3ddhu/7/

Bazinet: Nirakara: timestamp, UUID, whatever

Bazinet: It’s definitely good advice

Bazinet: Nirakara: anything that can serve as a primary key

Campfield: Is there a way to find which script/line is affecting a specific element?

Bazinet: Hm, never heard of redux before

Bazinet: Twirl: you can use the profiler if you can reproduce it

Oliver: Bazinet: what profiler?

Bazinet: Twirl: the one built into the debugging tools of whatever browser you happen to be using

Chastant: Bazinet: there is a lot of stuff going on there man

Bazinet: Twirl: you start profiling, do something, stop profiling and then you can see all the functions that were called

Dae: Bazinet: well, i found it anyways now the problem is probably css related but my element is not displaying and i can’t figure out why

Hazelip: From http://rackt.github.io/redux/docs/basics/Reducers.html it says keeping todosById: { id – todo } and todos: arrayid would be a better idea in a real app than just storing the todos as a list. what do these two pieces of syntax mean?

Gentzler: Bazinet: the script keeps changing the properties of the elements its a slider kind of thing and it’s difficult to isolate the issue

Mcauly: Is todosByID: a function that takes an id and returns a todo?

Kendig: If so where is the actually data stored?

Bazinet: Todos would be the actual data

Franzel: Bazinet, surely todoById needs to pull that list from somewhere.

Bazinet: Oh, no that’s just a list of IDs

Bazinet: It would just be a variable

Bazinet: The point is that it is hidden by the todoById API

Jude: Is there way to pause all the scripts or something :

Aredondo: Desiato: can i pause in the debugger and change attributes in the DOM until i figure out why it’s not showing up?

Debiasio: Isnt that overriden by the script?

Stands: Tod: well i figured out the CSS, now i need to fix the script

Tibbets: This looks impossible theres like 4 scritps involved, and all long and complex af

Marhefka: Json and text methods*

Knori: Dgl: it’s p****d already

Crother: I dont even know where to start looking? should i fgrep for the error or something?

Rautenstrauch: Dgl: I don’t know, maybe check the spec

Feola: What does const { SHOW_ALL } = VisibilityFilters; do in http://rackt.github.io/redux/docs/basics/Reducers.html at the bottom, reducers.js

Dampier: Hoxie: const { XXX } = yyy means const XXX = yyy.XXX

Veyna: Anyone here ever used DataTables ?

Fandino: My table has style=”width:0px”

Rench: Gallogly: Date – JavaScript MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Date

Suozzo: Chander: from what I get out of it, is that it’s always the same. Am I correct?

Spainhower: Liefer: it’s unlikely to be the same across locales

Feeny: Stoeger: where does it says it’s dependent? it says that toString is and that is why toDatestring is useful?

Scheppke: Spuler: what are you suggestion I use? I want it to be always the same