Sooo guessing it’s always.

Kolenda: Terrone yeah but that wouldn’t remove it from the array as thus it’ll still use the first value in calculation?

Maples: AramKaram, yes it would

Renko: I get an error saying this: Uncaught ReferenceError: IsMatch is not defined

Seegmiller: In my browser when I execute this:

Zesati: Terrone so slice mutates as well?

Schliep: AramKaram, things = things.slice1

Vaid: Ha, got it : let me try this

Febus: Terrone it works for me, it should be fine right?,console

Huntley: That’s what I shared, it hasn’t changed

Fondriest: Do you see the ‘clone’ yellow bar on jsfiddle?

Hosang: Hasn’t changed? hmm nah, i d really don’t see clone yellow bar, the only yellow thing there is this “Login or Register” button :-/

Vanschoiack: Copy/paste your code to a new jsbin/gist

Sunn: I,console

Konopacki: Http://,console

Bostock: Btw with es6 it’d be much simpler: ac***ulator, .collection = collection;

Wickliff: Or maybe not simpler, but more pretty

Riling: Ahh, I’m not that great, YET! :p let me first learn all this how it’s done in ES5 and transition to ES6 won’t be that hard I think

Mino: Is that recommended? ES5 then ES6 ? Seems odd , idk tho

Hnot: Baxx, it’s still important to know the differences; sometimes writing es5 code is required and will be for a year or so

Kano: Fair, makes sense for supporting legacy stuff as well. Was just wondering if it was a suggested path

Henchel: Though for reference I’m not even sure which one I’m writing in ; Only recently been messing about with it

Salvatierra: Well technically all existing js code is es6

Mackiewicz: I can’t find a good js plugin to get the url string parameters

Gerrero: Quazimodo: querystring – npm

Mleczynski: Hameen: would you use this client side?

Rubner: Quazimodo: it’s cross-platform. And that’s the one I use for everything

Rizor: Yeah that’s what I use as well. Though sometimes I use the “qs” module instead, since it supports some funkier formats

Rizor: But only if I need those formats for some moldy API

Vars: Leviton said “is Boender down?” in #node.js

Reinken: What exactly does it mean for an discussion channel to be “down”?

Marash: Isn’t every channel up, always, forever

Cappelluti: I.e. /join ##asoidnsaiodoiuwdioaslkdnmksadmasd – on freenode

Adey: Yeah, i don’t follow that message.

Rizor: It wouldn’t let ’em send messages – happened to me earlier as well until I identified to nickserv

Sturman: That’s as always though, no? jaawerth

Rizor: Already let Leviton know via PM

Rizor: Eh, it’d never happened to me until today and I’ve always been terrible about identifying

Feerick: Aliases for utility functions: good or bad?

Rizor: Though maybe my znc had just never disconnected since last time I did it. but I doubt that

Fringuello: I have it auth setup in my client sooooooooooooooo it’s np

Rizor: Tcsc: depends, I think. many will say bad, but I think it’s situational

Nadell: Also, pretty sure when i’ve tried to join earlier it said you need to auth here. not ##node.js though

Rizor: Haha, I was gonna set up autoauth but then I figured maybe I’d just do SASL. Then I got distracted

Ferrusi: Also, the topic says “Can’t talk? Get registered on chat HOWTO: .” and that was set on may 11th

Fresch: Sooo guessing it’s always been required or at least for a very long time