So you don’t if you’re.

Bellefontaine: Look what I found,***_t_shirt-ra230d86068974eb0888c9a73e3c67569_i80s2_1024.jpg

Rizor: Hence why the original java-based engine is called rhino and the new one is called Nashorn

Rizor: And why the O’Reilly JS book has a rhino on it

Canzio: What does “+!desc & i” do?

Feerick: It tels you if desc and i have any bits in common

Feerick: And then converst that to 0 or 1

Artry: Var status = true; !status;

Gerrero: Zumba_addict: boolean true

Dachs: Good, that’s exactly what I wanted

Wandrei: If it’s really truty or falsey

Josten: I seldom use ! is it a good habit to use it?

Feerick: Thats a bit opaque imo but not the worst ive ever seen

Feerick: Uh, Booleanv is probably better

Feerick: Its probably a bad habit though

Vangrouw: Maybe, I’ll find an online store that let’s us customize the print on our shirt

Vandee: Any very cool code that I can put in front and back?

Animashaun: The resutl of ****js will be too long

Feerick: I dont think theres much code thats intrinsically cool without considering the things it does, which would be somewhat lost on a shirt

Feerick: I mean theres probably some. theres no reason you couldn’t write code that is somehow artful in and of itself

Feerick: But idk of people doing it

Feerick: Not that i would or anything.

Gerrero: Rizor: b var two = f = x = ffx; var three = f = x = ftwofx; var mult = m = n = f = mnf; var pow = e = b = be; var toNumber = n = nx = x+10; toNumberpowmulttwothreetwo

Rizor: B var two = f = x = ffx; var three = f = x = ftwofx; var mult = m = n = f = mnf; var pow = e = b = be; var toNumber = n = nx = x+10; toNumberpowmulttwothreetwo

Feerick: Oh god thats those ****ing church numbers

Coen: Http:// hi, right now the script is getting the name attribute of the fields. can i change that into id or cl***?

Rizor: Guys seems to be under the weather, sadly

Leleux: Btw, does chrome support es6?

Teigen: Coz I keep hearing my boss that he wanted to start moving to es6 modules

Servino: Looks like my boss is good

Both: That’s why i’m studying so hard

Madruga: He mentioned babel too

Gerrero: Rizor: Learned es6 compatibility.

Paules: Thanks, book marking it

Peart: Ah looks like caniuse :

Gerrero: Rizor: Learned es6 compat = es6 compatibility.

Berentson: A friend told me that it doesn’t use –

Rizor: That is true. only the fat arrow

Rizor: Too many anonymous functions aren’t healthy anyway

Bollen: I kind of don’t like the arrow function :/

Breedon: Maybe i’m just too used to function

Losch: My brain got f up when I started working on coffeescript last year

Rizor: Fat arrows are really handy for certain use-cases though and can be extremely expressive for a few things

Rizor: Like partly application

Rizor: Var funcA = a = b = funca,b

Rizor: Or callbacks for things like map

Feerick: I almost always name my functions

Rizor: Yeah I try to name my functions as much as possible

Pfleger: This is so f’ing cool –

Rizor: Useful stacktraces are my friend

Feerick: Do you still need to use ‘use strict’ in es6?

Feerick: Idk if it does anything.

Rizor: In ES6 modules, strict mode is implied

Rizor: So you don’t if you’re using modules