So i have this program I am.

Elvis: It actually works in node, and is interpreted as a space

Gentleman: In node, or in the repl

Gentleman: That seems more like a node bug tbh

Elvis: Apparently it’s considered a space by unicode

Eady: Gentleman: error /usr/lib/node_modules/babel/node_modules/babel-core/lib/babel/transformation/fil . unable to create gist url

Bonine: Hey all. i’ve found that in my gulp setup, my watchify task is returning before it has compiled my files, so my subsequent tasks to uglify fail. is there a good way of basically nooping until a file exists perhaps? I get that watchify is probably returning once its fswatch is setup, so I need to just chill on future tasks until browserify is done. suggestions?

Mcgaughy: Anyone from Miami here?

Gotto: How do I get the “parent” window, basically the window in which threw ? I want to be able to do popupWindow.postMessage’foo’, ‘*’

Ospital: Window.opener I guess?

Claude: Tcsc: it’s U+1680 OGHAM SPACE MARK Ogham looks like ᚇᚅᚆᚉᚄᚇᚋᚌᚇᚋ

Elvis: Well, i guess thats sensible

Mandigo: Woops, enter too fast 😛

Anglen: You have an Enter key, yes

Nemzin: Http:// – I want to check if all players are either ‘done’ or ‘forfeited’ if both are true

Muthig: Atm its if all are forfeited, and I cant just do everyisDone everyisForfeit

Veron: Everyx = isDonex && isForfeite

Kohrs: Or everyx = isDonex isForfeite ?

Brickel: Because some may be forfeited and some may be done

Gordey: If everyone is one or the other, finish up

Gottlieb: Yeah you just need a function that returns flag1 flag2

Billinghurst: And the information you want from that is true?

Corporon: I think just will work

Annarummo: And then ifrace.players.everyisDoneOrForfeited {

Zarin: Return player.done player.forefeited;

Rawi: What is the value of time for players that have forefeited?

Wachter: The time they forfeited

Teichert: Forfeit is the same thing as done, just a different name

Cader: And when someone prints the racers they’re red and it says forfeited

Regen: Okay, so someone could forfeit and still be a winner if they have the best time

Birdsong: Yeah just figured that out

Gonya: Http://

Offen: Does es6 have a way to include outside sources?

Quimby: Offen: outside sources?

Offen: Like #include “****.c”

Barak: Es6 doesn’t define how those modules are loaded, though, so you need a module runtime to back it, e.g. commonjs

Krolak: Offen: oh, well, “including other sources” is more of a platform thing than a language thing. ES6, the language, defines modules, which specify a collection of bindings that can be separately compiled/dynamically linked with proper namespacing boundaries. Actually loading these modules is done by a separate specification, because you could store modules

Bielawski: In thousands of different ways file system, HTTP server, database, etc. This second specification is not finished yet, and it’s not a language specification, but rather a platform one.

Boger: Offen: in any case, you can already use something like Browserify or WebPack today to define module dependencies and have those tools resolve them for you/compile all the things into a single file.

Zboral: Hello, can someone help me for a minute?

Mate: Tcsc: Don’t ask to ask, nor if anyone is here or alive or uses something. Just ask your question.

Cegielski: So i have this program I am writing which works fine when I run i locally, but when I try to run it through modulus, it wont load any components saying they 404