So growBeanStalkyears – 1.

Elvis: One thing i miss about emacs

Defusco: Lol, that’s the one thing 😛

Defusco: I guess that doesn’t necessary mean singular, I should learn english better

Defusco: Artist mode can be slightly funky with evil

Elvis: If i need to do ascii art i usually open up emacs though

Defusco: Cool, I keep meaning to try sublime – you written many custom functions for it and stuff?

Reineck: Too bad it’s so hard to get that to reproduce accurately due to ch****ts and whatnot :p

Elvis: Not custom functions but i have made some sublime plugins

Elvis: Mainly for stuff i used to use at work that needed better tooling

Defusco: Oh right, I’m probably mixing things up there, meant just little work flow things and stuff.

Drossos: Anyone know how I can get a list of users from discussion?’names’

Elvis: Sometimes i’ll do snippets

Lango: The username alignmet seems a little too good

Sullivant: I dont understand what to do/how to use that

Defusco: Did you use yasnippets much? they’re quite nice

Defusco: Can Sublime eval python in its snippets?

Elvis: Idk if it can. i never wrote any python for sublime

Elvis: My needs out of my editor aren’t that complex.

Defusco: I thought sublime was extended with python though

Defusco: What did you use for the plugin?

Elvis: But most of the stuff can be done via xml

Defusco: I wish I didn’t care about editor often. I wish someone would do a comprehensive study of how much time gets wasted ****ting about with one vs time saved with that function that cost half a day to write.

Cutter: Baxx: you can run in the console

Defusco: Giraffe_: run where / what?

Malla: Python in the console

Defusco: Giraffe_: yeah start the repl

Elvis: Baxx: a lot gets wasted.

Defusco: I’ve lost the thread here Giraffe_ sorry, what’s this in reference to?

Labay: Uh wait i misunderstood i think

Defusco: Tcsc: but now I can just M-c C-c K and it fills all the xyz in , only took me a week to make and I use it at LEAST once a month

Coale: RonRichie: did my incredible drawing help at all

Elvis: Baxx:

Defusco: Tcsc: pretty much. I do think vim keys are worth it though

Elvis: I don’t use vim keys but i don’t use the mouse much

Disilvestro: Torkable aha, it did somewhat help me get a sense of a few things I wouldn’t get, but obviously it’s still not clear as what the frog is going on in that recursive function lol, I think nobody can explain me this in a way so I can see it right away, I guess I need to torture myself until I find the answer myself :

Defusco: I have no room for probably, I’m committed

Lasseigne: Torkable honestly. whole part 😀 I don’t understand how years variable gets decreased one by one on every iteration? and I don’t understand what this whole thing growBeanstalkyears – 1 + growBeanstalkyears – 2 mean? if it’s not what I thought it is, if it’s not doing 7 – 1 + 7 – 2 then I can’t imagine how this whole thing works out the way it does ?:-/

Goyette: RonRichie, did you check the pastie I posted?

Wortz: Damn this frustrating lol, am i missing out on something very obvious or perhaps this is a hard thing to understand.

Waddick: RonRichie: it gets decreased because it subtracts 1 or 2 from it each function call

Osornio: Goyette ahhmmm im not sure? would you post it again

Goyette: RonRichie,

Oveson: Aha but then it *adds* n – 1 with n – 2 and whatever n – 1 + n – 2 evaluates should be returned to grow function as an argument right?

Hernander: So growBeanStalkyears – 1 is just going to call that function with years-1