Smgs: some browsers support.

Alliman: The bin I’ve created won’t even display in chrome

Alliman: Schaetzle: I’m really struggling then. When I try to open a bin, it just shows the spinning head

Alliman: Schaetzle: that worked. Why do you think that is?

Chambliss: Alliman, maybe an extension is interfering

Alliman: Ok, so now I can ask my proper question, now that I’ve confirmed the same behavior in both browsers.

Alliman: What are people’s thoughts about this code?,console Note how parent.children contains an array but also has a property. Is this good practice, or should be avoided?

Talamentez: What’s the difference between mouseover and mousemove?

Lormand: Alliman, generally avoid it

Hick: Kment: hi. are you the author of the node-imgur module?

Alliman: Schaetzle: is there a particular reason though?

Easterlin: MatixYo: mousemove is triggered whenever the mouse coord. change, while mouseover is just triggered once when moving into the region of an element

Kment: Hagb4rd: no I don’t think I am the developer unless I code better asleep than awake

Kment: Wonder why I disconnected

Torralva: I prett much just coded the sickest thing ever

Torralva: Http://

Torralva: Hover over the thumbnails

Torralva: Im using js to copmile a distortion and applying it via matrix3d

Torralva: Offseting the title a bit more than the image

Kment: I wish mobile devices hovered. All this hotness is a dying breed

Torralva: Yea thats why i like parallaxing off hvoer

Torralva: Cuz its too much cpu for mobile devices

Torralva: I guess i could distort on short taps

Kment: You could make it relative to scroll position on mobile

Kment: Kinda like they’re “looking” at you

Torralva: I think its too much cpu

Torralva: No see the problem is

Torralva: Itll only fire when you stoip scrolling

Kment: Tfw muted ubuntu says something is playing. unmute and no sound

Kment: Ah I see what you’re saying

Hashem: Is there anyway i could grab anything between span anything /span on a webpage. i mean all the stuff between span /span ?

Torralva: In jquery you can $’span’.html

Torralva: Otherwise give it an id and docuemnt.getElementByID’#span’.innerHTML

Hashem: Torralva is there any working example ?

Kment: Torralva: btw on pages like this: your cover image gets cropped at the top when the screen is wide

Torralva: Yea i asked htem to set a max-width

Torralva: Kment: how big is your monitor?

Hashem: It is not MY* webpage. sorry. just corrected

Torralva: Smgs: just what i typed

Ragula: Var d = new Date2015, 8

Hashem: How to copy the data to clipboard ? acidjazz

Torralva: Oh to the users clipboard?

Torralva: There isnt really functionality to put it in the clipboard for security reasons

Torralva: There is a flash plugin thing that sites use

Torralva: Http://

Hashem: Any other workaround? tryong

Vanleuven: Var d = new Date2015, 8; d //why the f. is month 0 based?! sick

Wakley: Hagb4rd: object Tue Sep 01 2015 00:00:00 GMT-0400 EDT

Torralva: Kment: is the distotion working for you?

Vanderford: Kment: are you the author of node-imgur?

Torralva: I believe zeroclipboard is what github uses

Popp: Smgs: some browsers support saving to clipboard under some cir***stances e.g. only in reaction to a click but that API is ancient and an evolutionary dead end. There may be a clipboard API in a future version of HTML, maybe.