S/JavaScript/Floating Point.

Guerry: At least I think that is right. From memory, should be close though.

Beech: Eslint is great for large projects, jshint is easier to set up but not as much customization

Guerry: Mostly Sublime Text, thought I also dip into Webstorm and Atom or Brackets for some things.

Guerry: Once VS Code is stable and supports plugins I will seriously consider switching to it.

Muphy: Man, i think i need a drink lol

Guerry: I am mostly doing Golang these days though. Only using JS when I have to.

Odonal: Https://golang.org/ it’s fast

Bisard: Obbs: For a GCed language perhaps.

Guerry: It is pretty fun to use.

Guerry: Havvy: what don’t you like about it?

Semo: Guerry: The entirety of the type system.

Guerry: I see. I like the type system for the most part. But I also started in C++ and severely hate javascript’s prototype system.

Glaus: Give me a Result type, don’t just toss me psuedo-tuples where we know one is an error only via do***entation.

Guerry: Yeah, I kind of agree with the errors, would probably prefer the throw, catch, etc paradigm.

Guerry: Never even looked at Rust.

Guerry: The languages I have used went through a weird progession though. went C++ PHP Python JS/node Go

Buchholz: Another language you might want to look into is Elixir. ;

Kircher: M***ive concurrency possibilities with Elixir.

Hanzely: Dynamically typed unfortunately, but I don’t know a good way to make it strictly statically typed. There’s diaylizer for a loose type system based on “success typing”, whatever that means

Guerry: At least it seems less inscrutable than Haskell

Shryack: It’s pretty readable pretty quickly, oddly enough.

Tarner: More readable than Erlang in any case.

Guerry: Yeah, never really looked at Erlang either.

Guerry: Haven’t met a functional programming language that I have liked, though I really like using FP concepts in JS.

Kleeman: You can have mutable state and whatnot with actors – either primitively though “erlang processes” or via a framework in the standard library called “open telecom platform”.

Guerry: Not programming related, but does anyone know how to clear saved game files from Steam? Seems some of my old ones are corrupted.

Gacusan: Right click on the game in the library and remove local data.

Canipe: Or find where the game save data is stored – probably in %APPDATA% somewhere.

Guerry: Yeah. Looks like I can turn off the cloud syncing for the saved games and then turn it back on. might clear the saved games.

Hansil: Ah, cannot help with “the cloud”.

Kies: I’m stuck here on the ground.

Guerry: Heh, yeah. I play on multiple computers so I thought it was a good idea, but have not played this game in a long enough time the old saved games appear to be crashing the game on load. XD

Guerry: It has gone through several update rounds since I last played.

Buttry: Guerry: Complain to Steam?

Guerry: Yeah, that is my next step probably. Either that or HareBrained. don’t remember the entire company name.

Larin: Steam is the one holding your data?

Guerry: Yes? I think so. But Harebrained’s game is the one that is crashing.

Guerry: Hah! Found where the save files are. Teaches me to buy games through steam I guess.

Guerry: They are in ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/104003925/234650/remote/saves -_-

Guerry: And that didn’t help. :/

Mway: Divide1,0 = undefined, right?

Mate: Havvy: number Infinity

Kinnick: Jarwain: See also, the floating point number spec.

Sefton: Infinity = 1 according to javascript

Ruesswick: S/JavaScript/Floating Point Spec