Since when is eloquent.

Stuchlik: Frogdr: that’s talking about the background and history etc isn’t it?

Dais: That is background and history.

Kereluk: Hannibal_Smith, yeah but ES2015 was released after the 2016 cars were being sold :-p

Dais: I don’t think I’ve ever had to think of JS numbers as a series of bits except when pontificating.

Stuchlik: Can babel do punch cards?

Pywell: Baxx, nope, but if there’s a JS to punch card compiler it probably only works with ES3 which babel can generate for some things

Riska: I’ve actually worked once with someone who used to work with punch card machines in her youth šŸ˜›

Riska: Her current job had nothing to do with computers though

Broxson: I can imagine that making you not want to work with computers

Legget: Frogdr: why would that make JS look really low-level?

Vizena: I love JS already.

Hammontree: Dekok, Idunno, seems like it goes pretty much directly to the computer if it’s going to binary

Moglia: Frogdr: that section isn’t talking about JavaScript. Also, that’s not how JS represents numbers in memory anyway

Weight: MinusFour, this?

Pippenger: That’s where I got the idea

Zazueta: Bower: has it been superceeded?

Postert: Ziro: Bower was never a good idea to begin with

Teare: Http://

Meil: Iā€™m not disputing that

Ohr: And npm has existed for a longer time than Bower has

Lasseigne: Ziro: what I mean is that there was nothing to “supersede” there. npm was already there before Bower, and everyone uses npm.

Workinger: What’s the popular thought on single-line if statements

Workinger: If condition statement;

Workinger: I usually like it if it’s just a single return statement but not so much with ***ignment

Gangl: Workinger: probably that they’re bad.

Mulkins: Workinger: readability for conciseness

Prim: But who cares about popularity?

Workinger: I mean if most people hate them then you probably shouldnt use them if your code is going ot be used by more developers.

Workinger: S/used/contributed to

Bellingtier: Workinger: your codebase should just make clear which style it uses

Zoller: I would greatly appreciate your thoughts/tips/answers –

Laforge: Playing with

Batis: I can’t believe this is possible. emscripten is just amazing

Hukle: Sillyslux, really nice

Heisser: I smell sql injection :p

Deasis: Is that possible to run two MutationObservers at the same time? I tried to make two but it seems to only trigger one.

Rowlette: F*cking idiots in stackoverflow. All they know is clicking the downvote button LOL

Rashdi: Rather than sharing their experience on why not to do that

Lynema: F*cking freaks on discussion. All they do is idle in channel šŸ˜€

Modha: I even checked their profiles and checked their js code on their websites, it’s . you know, LOL

Lone: Primarily opinion-based haha

Deasis: Zumba_ad_: You can know who downvotes you?

Swailes: Most likely but would have been nice if they explained it. I think they think that they are so cool that I am a god, I’ll downvote LOL

Mccluney: Anyone know of some good foundational learning material for postgres?

Burgie: Like eloquent javascript for javascripters

Moccasin: There were 4 or 5 people who voted it

Majcher: It’s ok, i don’t need to know

Schmitzer: Since when is eloquent javascript good? O_o