See, that’s a useful.

Sowders: Nasalroad, what is a good event object?

Nasalroad: Zap0, the argument and not the global IE stuff ?

Nasalroad: Function e { e.preventDefault; }

Mccarrol: Javascriptorgasm: we have people of all ages and backgrounds in the room, and we try to keep it as friendly as possible to everyone. Names that are sexual don’t help much with that, do they? :

Riska: It’s funny that on one hand america is becoming super politically correct, but on the other hand, Donald Trump is running for prez

Blancato: I have been asked to update my beautifier so that method chains break with indentation. Would you guys mind providing some opinions on my complex scenarios?

Boldue: Https://

Saeger: Zomg: becoming? a lot of people here have always been hyper sensitive

Riska: Austincheney: well it wasn’t so going back a few years

Riska: Or at least it was less so

Rabuse: Zomg: It was less obvious in your social circles.

Riska: Yeah I wasn’t using tumblr

Mauk: Nothing wrong with treating people like human beings :

Sasseen: I saw this line of code in the angular.js tutorial, to register a RESTful service: “return $resource’phones/:phoneId.json’, …”. The “.json” at the end isn’t significant, right? It is just part of the parameter name, and does not influence how the URL is p****d out?

Sowders: Dekok, thanks for the help.

Padovano: The “.json” is a literal.

Lele: So the URL needs to be of the form “phones/123.json”?

Riska: Dekok: sure, but all kinds of weird stuff are being crusaded for more and more

Riska: The whole master/slave with regards to hardware/software stacks is cropping up again.

Tasch: That doesn’t match the routing docs, which say that the param name is everything up to the next slash.$routeProvider

Kerk: Zomg: different groups of people perceive words in different ways. Again, nothing wrong in acknowledging that, and trying to get into a middleground that feels more comfortable to all parties.

Riska: Stuff like the seinfeld episode that was called Soup Nazi would never fly today because someone would get so offended about the usage of the word nazi there

Riska: Hell, someone got upset at me when I literally quoted a movie which used the n word and I made it very very clear that it was a direct quote from the period-accurate movie 😛

Riska: I wouldn’t mind it if it was a black person telling me they don’t like master/slave

Riska: But when it’s white middle cl*** people

Riska: That’s my issue with this

Skrabanek: That was a Grade A Terrible defense fwiw

Wraggs: Zomg: its called equal opportunity. in a sane society content that violates EO should be considered inappropriate and thus members of the group should be more sensitive. otherwise sensitive people can crawl into a corner and cry themselves to death

Samlal: It’s perfectly possible for people from group A to empathise with things group B goes through, and attempt to make other people who are not in group B aware of those issues.

Riska: Dekok: sure, but when all you see is group A talk about it and nobody from group B, it kinda makes it look like nobody in group B really cares

Eng: Empathy is for adults. sympathy is for children

Trucchi: Re: soup nazi – nah, nobody empathizes with nazis 😛

Riska: Trucchi: but jews will be offended because it will make them think of the camps

Esbenshade: It’s not as if there’s any lack of comedy today that toes those lines

Riska: In today’s society nazi jokes would probably only be acceptable if told by a jewish person

Jeffress: Perhaps insensitivity training would be a good idea

Riska: Same as black people jokes are only acceptable from black people

Trucchi: See, that’s a useful distinction. It isn’t so much about hurt feelings as it is a joke being reductive of another culture’s experience which in Seinfeld’s case isn’t an accusation you can make