Scrubfest: the point is, !.

Robitaille: Vafiadis Im currently watching some recursive tutorials before I take my first attempt of implementing getElementByCl***Name, Im sure Ill get back with you folks once Im badly stuck 😀 lol

Thach: Anyway, time to take 2 hours to get to the airport :

Elvis: I used to write a lot of LaTeX and i definitely think of it as source code

Mate: Gillice: string ‘bugger off’

Currans: Hylle should fly to the airport

Elvis: Its also not that bad once you get used to it

Thach: Pachet: wish I knew how to do that, instead I need to take a cab and spend hours behind slow cars :

Ulsamer: At least if the traffic is slow the cabbie isnt going to get you killed

Ilardi: I’m thinking of flying to Budapest in november of so. I enjoy flying. Not sure if I’ll have the money though, but it won’t be too expensive

Snuffer: Anyone know why this only returns false instead of true, when the second object in the array has an id of the selectedId var ?

Furnace: Http://

Thach: I’m not the one paying for it though, so at least there’s that

Spindler: It just returns an empty array when console logging the var that has the result of the filtering =/

Vafiadis: Torkable: function flattenarray { return array.reduceagg, ele = agg.concatArray.isArrayele ? flattenele : ele, ; } is a simple albeit slow version

Vafiadis: Torkable: unsurprisingly the iterator/iterable version is both cooler and faster ;-

Butor: I’m at a loss, I want to reset the position of a div when I hover over different table rows. That part works. But when I leave the table and then hover back over it, instead of resetting the div position, the values are added to. I basically want the div to hover when over a row, then disappear when leaving the table. Here is the jsbin link:***o/edit?js,output

Helweg: I just have never seen a deep flatten

Vafiadis: I think ramda has one

Decius: I think if I ever need deep flatten, I’ll stop and make sure Im doing w/e I’m doing correctly lol

Hogy: If you hover over the last row leave the table, then hover over last row again you will see the problem.

Dockstader: Not to say you should never need it

Cataquet: But seems like red flag to me

Vafiadis: Yeah it’s a pretty rare use-case

Vafiadis: It’s more useful with iterators because you can combine a bunch of lazy-evaled things that way

Vafiadis: And then evaluate them all together

Palmese: Mongodb strikes again

Vafiadis: IE it’s more useful of you think about arrays/iterables as lists, rather than actual data structures

Kerchner: Can’t do two $addToSets in one query

Ronchetti: What is the ! operator? I heard it was a trick to change an element into a boolean.

Vafiadis: Scrubfest: it’s exactly what it looks like: notnotvalue

Vafiadis: It coerces a truthy value into true, and a falsy value into false

Cuzzo: It converts the value to boolean

Mate: Vafiadis: boolean false

Mate: Vafiadis: boolean true

Mate: Vafiadis: boolean true

Boken: Weak typing is nonsense

Worthley: Torkable it converts the value to boolean. Is this correct?

Mate: Gillice: SyntaxError: missing after element list

Canevari: Scrubfest: i’d use the word ‘coerce’ over ‘convert

Beauvais: Look at Vafiadis’s examples lol

Mate: Vafiadis: boolean false

Mate: Gillice: ReferenceError: number is not defined

Mate: Boken: Timeout Error: Execution time exceeded 4 seconds

Vafiadis: Scrubfest: the point is, ! isn’t actually an operator; it’s TWO operators, the result of which just happens to force a value into a boolean based on its truthiness/falsiness