Samssh: SyntaxError: syntax.

Strysko: It’s a 2½ year old answer though, so I wouldn’t just copy that

Katsuda: R13ose: copy that function, add it back as cycleReversed or something, and make the necessary changes

Villaluz: Gillice: the updated answer is from Feb 22.

Stachura: Thus reverse the image order and call .next and .prev the other way round

Fusilier: Still, carefully ***ess the method as it is in your source

Zarzuela: Gillice: You are saying this will work in the end?

Kosse: It probably will, it’ll just feel unnatural to use

Ifie: Hence disregarding, I’d discourage your client to use it

Konz: Don’t get me started on carousels in general 😛

Englehardt: Gillice: I want to hear

Cannan: Afaik there have been multiple studies literally no one actually sees the information they provide

Skibicki: Http://

Lunning: So yeah, use them if you get paid for it

Buening: Gillice: I have seen that site before. What should I use instead?

Mishra: I imagine a gallery that makes all items visible at once

Robeck: Might want to consult #design or #web for that

Kalkman: Just show the content all on the page

Veltri: Webshops and the like aren’t really my expertise

Kalkman: There’s really no reason to “slide through” content. people have scrollbars for a reason

Kalkman: If it must be broken up, use actual pagination

Browm: After doing some googling, I came across this:

Kurokawa: Is that to say there’s no way to do what I want to do?

Kalkman: Did you read the answer? sounds like it’s pretty clear

Cattabriga: Since apparently it won’t work even if I figure out how to inject it dynamically.

Blazing: Menzer, Could some one tell me why my element doesn’t give away certain css properties height in this case.

Kalkman: Fleuv: and your code is.?

Konopacki: Kalkman, let me make an example 😀

Toalson: Sorry guys Kalkman, I hope this clears things up:

Mate: Gillice: boolean false

Elvis: Fleuv: needs to be ‘.element’

Parlett: Gillice: thanks for all the help. The person who is talking to the client said they will consult the client.

Zucconi: Reminds me of that game you’d play in elementary school where you’d tell a fib to someone next to you and let it go round a circle of kids

Jae: And by the end of it you’d get a completely different message

Khuu: Tcsc, thanks I guess I screamed to early ;

Parms: But there’s always that kid who says the wrong thing on purpose.

Mate: Rabbles: boolean false

Moorefield: Impaloo: what’s the content of ?

Mate: Rabbles: boolean false

Beachem: Samssh: yeah we’d consistently get “Mrs. Robin is a ****” at the end, it was suspicious

Mate: Gillice: boolean false

Ildefonso: I mean why would it be true

Mate: Gillice: boolean true

Haugen: Gillice, Because they’re both empty arrays? Why is it false is my question

Koerner: Rabbles, === doesn’t compare the objects, it compares the reference to the objects.

Mate: Rabbles: boolean false

Demps: Rabbles: but you’re creating a new array

Deculus: Even if it’s empty, they’re not the same array

Gentille: Arrays are objects BTW

Wegiel: You can compare the values and conclude it is

Mate: Gillice: SyntaxError: syntax error

Mate: Samssh: SyntaxError: syntax error