Salquero: 10:25:45 renlo .

Feerick: Well each component being a small js object is not usually how you want to do ecs

Werkheiser: Well maybe in js because its slow

Feerick: In code that cares about performance

Feerick: Even in c++ you usually want to stick all components of a given type into a flat array

Werkheiser: I’m thinking about doing generation over frames

Werkheiser: So as my player crosses the threshold where they invoke a new cell/chunk of tiles to be generated, that simply schedules them

Werkheiser: And each frame I generate a few tiles

Feerick: I’m not sure you can really sent cl***es via webworkers well

Feerick: Idk if it works at all, but if it does, and you construct a cl*** in a webworker

Feerick: It wont be the same type as the cl*** outside it

Feerick: Again idk if it even works

Easter: My books list is nice, but the movies list is too long and not very informative I think. I should probably curate it to have it mean something other than “I like movies”

Galipeau: Question: I’m trying to save a function to be ran later. so doing var utility = function{ } and then doing var runLater = utility; runLater; achieves what I want

Galipeau: The only issue is, is now I want to store a function and it’s arguments for later use, but as soon as I p*** arguments to it, it executes on the spot

Beeghly: Galipeau: just define your function and then call it when ever you need it

Samuell: Galipeau: i guess I really dont understand your problem

Larrimore: Galipeau: correct, you run a function a with “”, which is where the arguments go. What you can do is create another function as a wrapper for this instance

Suttin: Var utility = functiona,b,c {return a+b+c;}; var runLater = utility.bindnull, 1, 2, 3; runLater;

Raiche: Var myInstance = function { myOtherFuncarg1, arg2, arg3;};

Seidman: Galipeau: look at partial application and curry

Kurowski: Galipeau: i gree with Seitzinger, partial application is probably the way to go

Gastello: Do***ent.getElementbyId.UserId_Text.value = “ABC” ; is the syntax correct ?

Suttin: GetElementbyId doesn’t exist

Arbaugh: Suttin: what do you mean?

Glad: Instead of an uppercase b

Arbaugh: You have sharp eyes yansanmo

Braum: Also, it needs to be a string

Giambalvo: Those are the eyes of a man who does not use an IDE with realtime syntax error checking

Gastello: Do***ent.getElementById”.UserId_Text”.value = “ABC” ; ?

Zavcedo: Hello! In ES6, when I ***ing an instance cl*** method to a varible let variable = instance.method, and call this method from the variable variable, the “this” inside of the method is “undefined”. It works doing: “let variable = instante.method.bindinstance”. Is there a less verbose way for it?

Suttin: Do you have id=”.UserId_Text” in your do***ent?

Conliffe: You should not make an ID that starts with a period

Arbaugh: Dont know, but even if it is, he shouldnt do it

Relihan: That’s HTML5 valid id’s

Goates: But yeah terrible idea

Riebau: How would you write a css selector for that? Is there a way to quote selector id’s as arbitrary strings?

Wignall: But that’s not really an ID selector then is it?

Ferrari: That’s processed as an attribute selector

Suttin: That’s a css selector for that

Roeder: Yeah technically but it would be less performant

Suttin: That’s up to the internal css engine

Gastello: Https:// ; cannot fill. :

Hinnenkamp: Smgs:

Cajas: Smgs: you were JUST ASKED about the . in the ID

Gastello: Ohh. crap reading again.

Gastello: Salquero: 10:25:45 renlo .UserId isnt valid js. ; sorry and thanks.