RonRichie: yup execution.

Opteyndt: So Fiddler is a chrome extenion

Reineck: Fiddler is an external tool

Reineck: It’s basically a web debugging proxy

Reineck: It’s like Wireshark but not super complex so it’s actually fairly easy to use

Began: I use zaproxy but that’s after submitting the ajax call

Reineck: Torkable: actually not sure

Flamio: I am only modifying the data

Reineck: I’d imagine it could do that since it can do a bazillion other things too 😛

Sensenbach: Im almost positive wireshark does not proxy

Vafiadis: Arghao;hjge;av0e I’m gonna have to implement SAML

Mesias: We just got done with that crap earlier this week

Vafiadis: I was trying to push our infrastructure guy to just install the saml module into our domain controllerr but of course he flipped out because that would mean exposing it to the internet

Praylow: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Reineck: Vafiadis: so he hasn’t heard of, like, secondary domain controllers or whatever they’re called? 😛

Vafiadis: He doesn’t wanna devote the resources to one

Vafiadis: I suggested that and he made a sad face at me

Reineck: It’s good to be the CTO so I can make my own mandates

Reineck: Not that we have so many employees anyway that it would be a problem

Vafiadis: I’m directly under the CTO but he isn’t a real tech guy so whenever this stuff comes up he just has us all fight it out amongst ourselves

Reineck: That sounds like a person unsuited to be a CTO

Reineck: Yeah tbh I’m the CTO because the CEO wants to make it look good for investors etc.

Reineck: In reality it’s a fairly meaningless title in a company like ours 😀

Vafiadis: Well, it helps when you learn that I work for a ~400 person company that started 10 years ago as a 1-person company. my boss started here when they still had like 15 people, ended up doing IT stuff, which he figured out, using contractors for the various infrastructure things he couldn’t do, and eventually built a team

Vafiadis: So he’s all Business Business Business about it, understands some of the terminology, and either stays hands off or irritates the hell out of us

Vafiadis: Well, that’s unfair – he’s pretty good overall

Kifer: At least thats what i tell the ladies

Reineck: Although it’s just a fancy word for freelancer

Reineck: I guess it’ll be closer to an actual Thing once I launch my JS unit testing course

Reineck: I can then say that my business actually has something it sells

Delbridge: Torkable, done,thanks for the tip. could i ask you to run the code i pasted on chrome to see if you get the media selection box there?

Obrion: Https://

Allum: I am asking if you get the selector on chrome

Kroc: It’s a different question

Laham: Yea I mean if you make a fiddle I’ll run it

Welchman: Node repl acting weird

Ozuna: Torkable: weird like how

Theard: I think its just me lol

Cozzolino: Without ***ignment or name

Rasche: Torkable: function {} is not valid syntax is it

Rakow: Recursions starting to make more sense now: hey Torkable ! thanks for helping with recursions the other day, I just yesterday had one of these AHA! moments and it clicked it! now I get it, thanks

Schwarzlose: Aha moments are the best

Dulkis: Torkable I finally saw how it worked and there is no way I was even remotely close to know that’s how it calculated the whole, I had completely different vision as to how it worked 😀 I didn’t get what you meant by saying it draws a tree lol, now I actually use that function to draw beautiful trees 😀

Mulder: RonRichie: yup execution looks like a tree :